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Learn how to settle into the present with "The Trickle-down Effect" - a free audio

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"Philip Shepherd is a force of nature. Fully embodied and present in the world, he stands outside the most fundamental bias of Western culture and offers us nothing less than a new center to live from."
— Morgan Farley, PhD Author of "Name Your Feast"

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Embodiment Practices for Uncertain Times

These practices are being offered for free to anyone in the hope that they might help during through these strange and uncertain times

Finding Presence In The Body

Developed by Philip Shepherd, this free online course is an easy introduction for newcomers to feel the body in a new way, that creates an immediate sense of presence.

Releasing To The Breath

This practice on Insight Timer helps you discover a more natural way of breathing, helping you tap into your body's wholeness.

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New Self New World by Philip Shepherd

New Self, New World

A practical guide for initiating a personal  revolution and finding your way out of the head and reuniting with your body’s intelligence.

Radical Wholeness

A practical guide for initiating a personal revolution and finding your way out of the head and reuniting with your body’s intelligence.

Deep Fitness by Philip Shepherd and Andrei Yakovenko

Deep Fitness

Co-authored with Andrei Yakovenko, a science-based strength-training program that's simple, quick, and maximizes results.

Free Articles

The Sun Magazine Interview

This interview by Amnon Buchbinder about Philip Shepherd's embodiment work was published in the April 2013 issue (448) of The Sun Magazine. Simply fill out the form to download a free PDF version of the article.

The World’s Hidden Harmony

An interview with Philip Shepherd by Tim McKee
How recognizing and cultivating a whole-body intelligence can help us rediscover our place in the universe.

The Embodiment Manifesto

By Philip Shepherd
"I believe that humanity can survive the crises that are mounting around us – but that our ability to make it will depend on us forging a new kind of clarity."

Podcast Interviews

Beyond with Daphne Cohn - The Embodied Present Process

Beyond with Daphne Cohn

Rarely do I have the chance to speak about my work with someone who has as natural, deep and sensitized an understanding of it as Daphne Cohn. It was a...

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Video Interviews


Other Videos

Suddenly, my body - The Embodied Present Process

Suddenly, my body

V (formerly Eve Ensler), author of The Vagina Monologues, in this inspiring TED Talk about her personal journey to embodiment, quoting Philip Shepherd's "visionary" first book, New Self, New World.

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