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New Facilitator Training announced - starts October 2024 in Virginia, US

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Radical Wholeness Deep Dive

Navigating your way back home to the body takes time.

Body? What body?

Just about everything in our culture distracts us from being in our bodies: the omnipresence of our personal devices, the pace of change in the world around us, even the pace demanded of us to just get through each day.

What we miss in the midst of all this is being present to our own lives – and when you come right down to it, that’s a big deal.

But when you stop living in the head, when you gently settle back into your body, you’ll find a different way of being waiting for you. Resting in the body, you find yourself at rest in the nourishment of the present, enlivened by the subtle sensitivity of the breath, and supported by your own natural groundedness.

Navigating your way back home to the body makes your life not just more easeful, but also richer and more poignant. Of course, it takes time. There is no cognitive switch you can flip to suddenly find yourself embodied. Deepening into embodiment is a patient journey of discovering new possibilities for yourself and shedding outdated patterns that suppress your responsiveness. It’s also about learning to trust how, in your daily life, you can feel your way forward, guided by your body’s deep wisdom – rather than habitually sitting in the head, relentlessly strategizing.

The gift of time is what the Deep Dive provides.

Over our days together, we share unique, simple practices that help you soften into the present by softening into your body. We also share meals, optional evening events, lots of fun, and our own personal journeys, bringing clarity to both the challenges and rewards of finding your way home to yourself. Led by Philip Shepherd and Allyson Woodrooffe, the Deep Dive experience is deeply transformational, and will provide you with practices and skills to last a lifetime.

Deep Dive FAQs

How is the Deep Dive different from the two-day Workshop?

The two-day workshop is a curriculum that has been polished over years to provide a string of practices that build on each other, providing skills that can be carried directly into everyday life.

The Deep Dive is an immersive experience that gives everyone the space, time and practices for a deeply personal inquiry. It is also a more leisurely experience, with ample time to respond to questions or issues with a new practice or broader context.

Another difference is that the Deep Dive is residential, an experience that is enriched by practicing together, eating together, and sharing optional evening activities.

Are there any prerequisites?

While it's beneficial to have previous experience with The Embodied Present Process, it's not mandatory. What we request for those who haven't taken a previous course or workshop is that we have a Zoom call before you register so that we can explain the work and ensure it's a good fit for you. Click here to get in touch.

How long are the days?

Each retreat has a slightly different flow depending on the schedule at the retreat centre.

Daily sessions typically run from 10am - 5:30 pm, with a 90 min lunch break, and short morning and afternoon tea breaks. We often have optional evening events, like a movie night or a Deep Fitness demo. :-)

How large is the group?

We generally limit our retreats to 20 people.

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"I am feeling more grounded and connected to my breath, perineum & pelvis bowl as resources at any moment."

Carrie Hanna

"I have more trust in the wisdom of the body and where it wants to take me in the present moment. "

Paula M.

"The course had a revolutionary impact on my own experience of embodiment and as a result will have a profound impact on my work as an artist."

Aleksandra Wolska

"During the workshop, I noticed how much I hold in tension my lower abdominal muscles. Now I find myself releasing and in turn feeling a beautiful subtle breath and also grounded awareness."

Ann O'Gorman

Your course leaders

Philip Shepherd

Philip developed The Embodied Present Process over decades of exploration and learning, feeling his way into the embodied truth of each practice. He is thrilled to share the practices with those who are seeking a lived experience of wholeness, of the vivid connection to the present afforded by a newly sensitized experience of the body's intelligence.

Allyson Woodrooffe

Allyson's explorations of colour and light, still and moving images, written words and her sensitivity to the humming of the world have been her bridge to the work of The Embodied Present Process. In addition to being a certified coach and a workshop leader, she and Philip are the co-directors of TEPP, each bringing their unique gifts to the process.