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What is Embodiment?

This is slightly blurry because we goofed on the Zoom settings and recorded in gallery view! So we've zoomed in on Philip. But the audio is great, which is what really matters.

In this talk Philip Shepherd shows that disembodiment has been part of Western culture for so long – since before the time of Plato – that we no longer understand what true embodiment is. Philip brings clarity to that issue as he addresses six questions, and then offers a simple embodiment practice. The hour closes with a Q&A with participants.

The questions Philip addresses are:

1) Why do we need to talk about embodiment?

2) What is embodiment?

3) Why does embodiment matter?

4) What are the characteristics of disembodiment?

5) What are the characteristics of embodiment?

6) What are the two stages of embodiment?

The practice Philip shares is called The Goldfish Bowl.


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