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On Privilege, Truckers and Freedom - The Embodied Present Process

On Privilege, Truckers and Freedom

Embodied Present · On - Privilege - Truckers - And - Freedom When I was much younger I coined a word to describe myself: eleutheromaniac. It literally means “someone with...

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COVID is Us - The Embodied Present Process


Listen to Philip reading this piece: Embodied Present · Covid Is Us by Philip Shepherd As the economic engines that propel civilization have reluctantly, suddenly, astonishingly been brought almost to...

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On Being - The Embodied Present Process

On Being

I write and speak about 'being' with considerable frequency. Sometimes I refer to "my being", or to "your being" or just to "being" itself. In all my writing, though, I've...

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Quieting the Mind - The Embodied Present Process

Quieting the Mind

People talk a lot about needing to “quiet the mind”, and I get it, but I’ve just got a really different take on it. When people talk about “the mind”...

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What is embodiment anyway? - The Embodied Present Process

What is embodiment anyway?

The word 'embodiment' is appearing everywhere these days so I thought I'd share my definition, excerpted from Radical Wholeness: So the undoing begins with the basics. If it doesn’t, we...

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An Antidote for The Age of Anxiety - The Embodied Present Process

An Antidote for The Age of Anxiety

Humans are arguably the most adaptable of animals. We live in arid deserts, frozen tundra, overpopulated cities and outer space. Adaptability has been the cornerstone of our survival; but it...

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The Seed of Populism - The Embodied Present Process

The Seed of Populism

As a surge of populism is altering the face of politics around the world, a puzzling irony hangs in the air: populism wins approval and votes from a generally hard-working...

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Our longing for embodiment - The Embodied Present Process

Our longing for embodiment

We inherited a view of the body as something without intelligence: as something ‘beneath us’; as a tool for getting things done; as machinery operated by the brain; as a...

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So What’s Your Workshop Like? - The Embodied Present Process

So What’s Your Workshop Like?

People who haven't taken my workshop are often curious about it, and I am always eager to describe it. But in trying to do so I frequently feel as though...

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