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Podcast Interviews

Journey On Podcast - The Embodied Present Process

Journey On Podcast

I had a leisurely and probing conversation with Warwick Schiller on his Journey On podcast. He'd read my book Radical Wholeness, and brought forth really specific questions that moved the...

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Beyond with Daphne Cohn - The Embodied Present Process

Beyond with Daphne Cohn

Rarely do I have the chance to speak about my work with someone who has as natural, deep and sensitized an understanding of it as Daphne Cohn. It was a...

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Radical Wholeness and Embodied Activism - The Embodied Present Process

Radical Wholeness and Embodied Activism

Radical Wholeness and Embodied Activism: The most potent activism doesn't come from the head, it comes from what the body knows and feels. It comes from some 'wrong' that your...

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Surrendering to the Wisdom of Your Body - The Embodied Present Process

Surrendering to the Wisdom of Your Body

Ian MacKenzie is a deeply inquiring, paradigm shifting writer, speaker, filmmaker and facilitator who also runs a podcast called the Mythic Masculine. He interviewed me for it recently, and together we...

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Spirit Matters Podcast - The Embodied Present Process

Spirit Matters Podcast

I had a fun and probing conversation with Philip Goldberg and Dennis Ralmondi on their Spirit Matters podcast. They bring an unusual depth of experience, learning and curiosity to their...

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Rediscovering Radical Wholeness - The Embodied Present Process

Rediscovering Radical Wholeness

I had a really lively conversation with author and lifestyle coach Howard Jacobson, who deeply understands my work and writes eloquently about it. I thoroughly enjoyed the give and take...

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