You only have one life.
Let it be embodied.

Embodiment is not about noticing the body, or listening to it.

It's not about adding one more thing to the list of things
we should think about or pay attention to.

It is another way of paying attention.
It is another way of thinking.
It is another way of being.

Discover The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP)

The aim of The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP) is to support anyone's personal journey into the wisdom of their body. No two such journeys are the same, so we provide a wealth of opportunities for bringing clarity and direct experience to it – from in-person workshops and Facilitators Trainings to online courses and personal coaching.

The heart of this work is the TEPP membership. Philip developed the exercises of TEPP through consistent practice and self-inquiry over time. That is what it takes to heal the disconnections learned from our culture – and that is precisely what the membership offers: the chance to experience and return to one transformative practice per week. Re-sensitizing to the body and its wisdom happens over the long haul, and is a journey made of many small steps.

To encourage you to experience the TEPP membership for yourself, we invite you to enjoy the first two weeks for free. After that it's only $20 a month. You can find out more here.

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Workshop Glimpses

The practices of TEPP are as numerous and varied as are the ways in which our culture dulls us to wholeness.

TEPP is the compass that orients your journey to wholeness


If you are looking for three easy steps to solve life’s problems, The Embodied Present Process isn’t for you. But if you are looking to journey back to your body's intelligence, to reconnect with reality in a way that brings ease and fulfillment to your life – well, that’s exactly what TEPP is offering. Discover The Embodied Present Process for yourself.

Everyone learns in their own way, and TEPP offers a variety of approaches through which its practices and paradigm-shifting insights can be experienced.

TEPP doesn't conform to the assumptions of our culture – it challenges them.

Because you cannot find your way back to embodiment – back to an experience of your wholeness – if you are relying on the thinking and metaphors of a disembodied culture.

Learn how to settle into the present in just a few minutes

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