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Radical Wholeness Workshop People Standing Facing each other

Radical Wholeness Workshop

Let's get radical. Discover a new way of being.

"After the workshop I felt more of myself with a gentle stillness that helped me cope with the fastness of life." – Workshop participant

We are all born with a deep yearning to grow into the freedom and ease and richness of our lives. Yet that desire is thwarted by the values of our culture, which teach us to live in our heads. Divided from the breath, the present, and the profound intelligence of the body, we sit in our heads and strain to make sense of it all.

The Radical Wholeness Workshops show you how to identify and undo the divisions that keep you from wholeness, and helps you experience the body as you never have before. The cornerstone of The Embodied Present Process™ our workshops are playfully experiential and provide you with new skills to last a lifetime.


A taste of the workshop

Enjoy this 5 min video about the Radical Wholeness workshop.

Our culture encourages us to live in our heads, exiled from the grounded, subtle intelligence of the body. The simple practices of this workshop empower the journey back home to your wholeness.

Embodiment is central to our humanity. As such, it enriches relationships, careers and ordinary moments. TEPP enriches life.

If you've noticed the effect of self-help programs fading quickly once the program ends ...

If you are aware of the intelligence of the body but lack clarity on how to integrate it ...

If you have difficulty escaping the chatter of the head ....

If anxiety runs like an ever-present undercurrent through your days ...

If you long to feel creative freedom in the way you live ...

If you want to feel truly at home in your body, your life, and the world ...

Then we invite you to discover a truly different approach.

No dogma, no belief system.

Come home to the vivid intelligence of your body.

Discover TEPP.

Why this workshop is like no other

The big hurdle we face in coming home to ourselves lies in the paradox of how to come home to the body while living in a disembodied culture. TEPP doesn't ignore our culture, it steps outside of it. The practices of the Radical Wholeness workshop are playful, simple and gentle, even as they deliberately expose the limiting patterns in which we are all entangled. Because those patterns live within the body, subjugating its intelligence. Once you encounter them, once they are felt, they begin to soften. And as that happens, you find yourself living with more spaciousness. You discover the ease and security of an embodied life.

TEPP is not about sitting in the head and "listening to the body." It is not another way to enhance our self-absorption and self-supervision. It is about listening to the world through the body, and finding both companionship and guidance there. It's not about subduing the brilliant intelligence in the head, it's about bringing it into balanced unity with the body's intelligence. It's not just about being present in the body, it's about escaping the frenzied self-consciousness of our culture and attuning to the spacious ease and grace of the Present, with which you are in continuous exchange.  TEPP returns us to our birthright as children of the earth.

All that, and it's fun, too!

What makes the work Radical?

• Because we will bravely challenge a six-thousand-year-old paradigm that binds each of us in our daily lives to division, disconnection, willfulness, and isolation…

• Because we will playfully discover how cultural patterns of restriction are held in the body, and through that discovery return to the spaciousness of presence and the grace of being...

• Because we will experience true embodiment as radically NOT what we have been told it is by many well-intentioned teachers...

• Because the path to freedom is located within your body, is traveled through surrender, and is inextricably linked to the body of the world...

• Because this workshop challenges our assumptions of what it really means to be human.

Developed as an experiential complement to Shepherd’s groundbreaking books New Self, New World and Radical Wholeness, this workshop offers skills and practices to last a lifetime. As they help you deepen into the unified intelligence of your being, you'll feel yourself carried into the intimacy of the world. An experience of radical wholeness is simply an experience of your wholeness, rooted in the nourishment of the Present.

The workshop and our primary wound

Because our culture values what the head knows over what the body knows, we tend to either downplay or pre-organize what we are feeling. We judge, calculate, and strategize, barely noticing the discomfort created by our fevered obsession to know what is happening in the abstract without feeling what is happening in the Present.

Living your days in the abstract knowledge of things rather than in the intimate companionship of the world promotes a sense of disconnection and anxiety. It also illustrates the foremost lesson of our culture: that our thinking works best when it is separated from our being.

That division is upheld by patterns of habit embedded in our neurology, where they enjoy a sort of diplomatic immunity. As long as they remain unseen within you, those patterns will override your body's intelligence without ever being held to account. Compromising your wakefulness to the world, they invisibly frustrate your attempts to land in your wholeness – even as you wonder why it's so difficult to do so.

Ultimately, this cultural schism between thinking and being separates you from the core understanding of all the body knows: that it belongs to the world, expresses the world, and shares in all that happens to the world.

When our thinking unmoors itself from the body, it cuts itself away from that embodied knowing; and then we come to feel individually alone in the world, and to believe as a culture that we are superior to the world and distinct from it and that the fate of humanity is somehow set apart and independent from that of life on earth.

When you return to the body's intelligence, and reunite with it, you return to the reality of belonging. That is what the journey of the workshop explores.

People sitting on the floor looking in the same direction
Radical Wholeness Workshop Participants Standing in a Circle
Radical Wholeness Workshop Participants Lying on the Floor

"The term ‘workshop’ is so lacking in conveying the richness of this weekend; it was an experience of the core of my very Being being felt, experienced and deeply embraced."

Claire Brummell

"Seems like I've found the missing link. Philip's work makes so much sense on a FELT level. All this “head stuff” has a place to rest now. So glad I took that workshop. His teachings need to be out there, we all need it so desperately. Don't hesitate to sign up – you won't regret it."


"This is without doubt one of the most effective and immediately applicable workshops I have attended. I learned new approaches to breath work which I am excited to bring to my own work. I learned so much about presence and how to speak with my full being conveyed in my voice. As someone who teaches embodiment, I am thrilled to have been gifted with these experiences of directly experiencing my pelvic intelligence / brain in my gut. I loved the experiential and spacious environment. Philip conveys deep wisdom easily, with a refreshing lack of ego or dogma. Experience it for yourself at your earliest opportunity."

Kian de la Cour

"Philip’s workshop helps you to encounter a very direct connection to yourself and the world in a very playful as well as meditative way … our culture’s misconceptions and subsequent dissociative patterns are made conscious in an incredibly fluent process. Thank you."





I've completed the workshop, where do I go from here?

Become a TEPP Facilitator

Once you've completed a Radical Wholeness Workshop, you might feel ready to take your journey deeper and share with others. The TEPP Facilitator's Training is a year-long and intensive course that will help you learn how to teach embodiment.

Continue learning online

Before or after the Radical Wholeness workshop, you can take your embodiment practices anywhere with you through our app Online courses led by TEPP co-director Philip Shepherd will help you navigate your way to wholeness at your own pace.


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