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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our workshops, trainings and online programmes, as well as how to login to all our various offerings.

Radical Wholeness Workshops

What do I need to prepare?

Some of the exercises require that you know a short text by heart. Rest assured, this is not something you will ever be asked to perform – it’s just needed for some of the exercises. You can use one you are familiar with, or find a new one. It can be anything at all – a poem, a nursery rhyme, a song lyric, a Shakespearean monologue, the national anthem – as long as it is in a language you are fluent in, and is at least 45 seconds long. If English isn’t your first language, feel free to bring something in your mother tongue. Having it WELL memorized is important.

We would also ask you not to treat this text as song – it is to be spoken.  And it helps if it’s something you enjoy.

I’ve read Philip’s books and heard some interviews, how will the workshop be different?

The workshop is mostly experiential. The exercises we practice are gentle – sometimes you work with a partner, sometimes we are in a circle and sometimes you explore on your own.  There is some getting up and down from the floor but all of it can be adapted to suit any physical challenges. For a more detailed description of the workshop, please check out this post.

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear casual clothing that you can move comfortably in.

What should I bring?

Apart from perhaps lunch (some workshops are not close to restaurants - please check with us if unsure) and maybe a snack and a water bottle, you might wish to bring something to lie on for exercises (a yoga mat or even just a towel) and clothes that are comfortable to move in.

Are meals and accommodation included?

Unless the workshop title is called a retreat or a residential workshop, no meals or accommodation are included.

Are the exercises physically challenging? What if I have limited mobility?

The work we do is experiential, and certainly involves the body – but all the exercises can be modified to accommodate limited mobility so that everyone can benefit from them and no one gets left behind.

I’ve taken the 2-day workshop already. Is there any point in taking it again?

The Radical Wholeness 2-day workshop is a standardized series of exercises and practices, wherever it is taught.  Many people have taken it more than once – a few people as many as five times. When asked about this, one of them explained that it’s a little like doing the downward dog pose in yoga.  It’s not something you do just once and don’t come back to.  It’s a practice that grows and deepens as you return to it. Others have reported that each time they take the same essential workshop, it is a totally different experience for them. It’s always a pleasure for me to see familiar faces returning to the work.

If you are looking for a more intensive experience, you might be ready for an Intermediate or 5-day workshop or to explore the Facilitator's Training.

Can I come for just one day?

All of the Radical Wholeness workshops are planned with a clear arc that helps you dive into embodiment. So participants are expected to plan on being there for the entire length of the workshop.

I want a workshop to come to my city – how does that work?

All the workshops have all been set up by people just like you, from California to Dublin Ireland and beyond. If you’re interested in exploring this possibility, please get in touch with us directly.

Are there discounts or concessions available?

Yes! We never want financial constraints to prevent someone who feels deeply drawn to the work to attend an event. Concessions are available for some workshops. Please reach out to us and let us know which event you're interested in, and we'll see what we might arrange.

Other discounts we offer:

All past Radical Wholeness 2-day workshop (with Philip Shepherd) participants receive
15% off Radical Wholeness workshops
$100 off Deep Dive Retreats

All TEPP Facilitator Training graduates receive
25% off Radical Wholeness workshops
$250 off Deep Dive Retreats
$250 off each session of a subsequent TEPP Facilitator Training ($750 in total)

Current TEPP Facilitator trainees receive
50% off Radical Wholeness workshops during the training year
$250 off Deep Dive Retreats

What's the refund or cancellation policy?

To view the refund or cancellation policy click here.

TEPP Facilitator Trainings

Can I join the TEPP Facilitator Training without taking a workshop first?

We have a really specific reason for not bringing anyone into the Facilitators Training who hasn’t taken a workshop.  The first week (of three) that we’re together presupposes that experience, and doesn’t revisit it.  All the practices we undertake in that week are practices that underpin the work – practices that enabled us to develop it, but aren’t part of the weekend.  At the end of the week participants receive a Facilitators Manual with all the exercises from the weekend workshop described in it, and are expected to work with them in the interim until we next get together.  Again, that work presupposes an experience of the weekend.

A weekend workshop will take place before the first session of all trainings. And those who have signed up for the training can take part in the workshop at 50% off the regular rate. They also get a 50% discount on any workshop during the training year.

If I'm able to participate in the first training session but am unable to do the second, would I have an opportunity to complete the final two training sessions another year?

Switching between training sessions is tricky.  The number of participants is limited to 18, so unless someone dropped out, there would not be a spot. That having been said, it’s something we have done, and would be willing consider doing again if all the circumstances were right.

I live near the retreat center. Can I just commute?

Unfortunately, no. There are several key reasons for this: staying together, sharing meals and enjoying the spontaneous conversations that occur throughout the mornings and evenings really helps the group bond and the work deepen. The retreat setting itself also plays a role in fostering the connection that then carries us between sessions. We are held by the space and supported by the gorgeous food prepared for us – far from the habitual snags of our home life.

Will I be able to lead the Radical Wholeness workshop at the end of the training?

At the end of the training, graduates who want to go ahead and run Radical Wholeness workshops usually begin with two- or three-hour events, sharing the curriculum in bite-sized chunks as they become increasingly familiar with it. When a graduate feels ready to facilitate the full weekend workshop and Philip agrees, he will include their name on his website as a certified facilitator.

I don't plan to teach the workshop, is the the training still right for me?

Absolutely. Many people have taken the training solely for their own deepening of experience.

What happens after the training?

We are in the process of developing some ways of fostering the connection and community that grows out of each training. We also want to support those who are taking the work into the world, whether through teaching Radical Wholeness workshops or incorporating the practices into their own work.

How do I pay for the training?

We offer different payment options that are displayed on the sign up page. Prior to the start of the second session, the year of training needs to be paid in full.

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

It is understood that by signing up for the training you are expressing a commitment to complete the full year. However:

If we cancel a facilitator training session for any reason, fees for that session will be fully refunded.If a registrant withdraws from a facilitator training more than 4 weeks before it has begun, a full refund will be issued minus $250 (which can be applied as a credit towards any future facilitator training within the next 2 years.)If a registrant withdraws with less than 4 weeks' notice prior to the commencement of the training, no refund will be issued.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Fill out the contact form and send us your questions!

Online Learning Programmes

What is The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP)?

The Embodied Present Process, or TEPP, is a series of simple, embodied meditations that help people feel the limitations in their responsiveness to the world, and appreciate how those limitations are reinforced by what we have learned from our culture.  The meditations developed by TEPP allow you to move beyond those limitations so you can reconnect to yourself and the world in a new way. 

How do Embodied Present Meditations help me reconnect to myself?

Much of the work of TEPP is about remembrance, because the influence of our culture induces widespread forgetfulness: forgetfulness of the body, of true relationship, of the present that holds us all. When the body’s intelligence is reclaimed – when you emerge from those shadows of forgetfulness – you come back to a remembrance in which your reality is illuminated by everything around you.

What's the difference between TEPP and other modalities?

There are many modalities that can help us feel calmer, or more embodied, but TEPP is the only modality we know of that directly unravels the cultural patterns that bind the body, and shows people specifically how and where to land in themselves.  Other modalities also often take charge of the body with top-down instructions without realizing it, instructions that might tell the body when and how to breathe, for instance, or how to feel or move. Such top-down approaches to the body stifle its intelligence. TEPP reunites you with the body’s intelligence, so that you learn to think with the whole of your being, feeling every thought clarified through its sensitivities.

How can I expect to benefit from this TEPP membership?

Many people who’ve experienced this work say it has changed their lives. We are used to living in our heads and have come to believe it’s a normal way to be, even though it makes us feel anxious and disconnected and ungrounded. The practices of TEPP help people find their way home to the ease of the body’s natural spaciousness – and that eventually becomes the foundation for everything in their lives. It enables the clarity of the present to support them in all their relationships and enterprises. 

If I stop the membership monthly payments, can I still access the material?

The membership works like a gym membership. You continue to have access to the material while your subscription is active.

I'm worried about keeping up. How long will I have access to the Recalibrating the Self course materials?

You'll continue to have access to all materials following the end of the course for as long as we are using the Kajabi platform (so a long time!) You can revisit the material as often as you like. 

How much time do I need to set aside each day?

We anticipate that you'll spend less than 20 min each day listening to a practice or journaling. You may also wish to set aside a little more time to revisit a practice or try it on your own without the recording.

There is a bonus 45 min video that you can watch at your own pace. 

You can revisit any of the practices as many times as you like. (There's a 'star' button so you can favourite practices.)

Are the audio recordings and videos downloadable?

The material is hosted through the Kajabi platform and the videos are not downloadable. So you need to be using internet to view or listen to them.

Where's my stuff?

Where do I login to my TEPP Membership and online courses?

We currently host our courses on a platform called Kajabi. You can login and see your library of materials at

Want to see your purchases?

You can see the history of any purchases you've made on this site by the profile icon in the top menu bar or by clicking here.

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