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Learn how to settle into the present with "The Trickle-down Effect" - a free audio

Embodiment Audios

Releasing To The Breath - The Embodied Present Process

Releasing To The Breath

This practice on Insight Timer helps you discover a more natural way of breathing, helping you tap into your body's wholeness.

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Finding Presence In The Body - The Embodied Present Process

Finding Presence In The Body

Developed by Philip Shepherd, this free online course is an easy introduction for newcomers to feel the body in a new way, that creates an immediate sense of presence.

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Embodiment Practices for Uncertain Times - The Embodied Present Process

Embodiment Practices for Uncertain Times

These practices are being offered for free to anyone in the hope that they might help during through these strange and uncertain times.

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The Embodied We - The Embodied Present Process

The Embodied We

This practice is a journey into embodiment that at the same time provides you the simplest litmus test I know of for determining your present state of embodiment. Embodied Present...

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