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The Resolution Question

The last day of 2015 now belongs to history, and 2016 stretches before us unformed and unknown but already being created. The sense of new beginnings makes this the time...

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The Fluorescent Dance, and a Mind Divided

Our modern inclination to live in our heads has left us dissociated from the body – and we commonly describe that dissociation as a mind/body split. Our description, though, merely...

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Wholeness and Desire

A well-known neurological phenomenon is expressed in a catchy maxim: “What fires together wires together.” This phrase tells us that if two distinct neural pathways habitually fire together, they eventually...

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The One Thing We Completely Understand

A little excerpt from the book I’m currently writing, Radical Wholeness. One of the most difficult tasks we face is to uncover the hidden assumptions that shape our living and...

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The Lotus Eaters

In chapter nine of Homer’s epic The Odyssey, a strange event is described: Odysseus arrived with his crew in the country of the Lotus Eaters, and chose three scouts to...

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The Body’s Authority

The age we live in has earned many nicknames. It’s been referred to as The Consumer Age, The Information Age and The Digital Age, among others. Philosopher Richard Kearney has...

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Radical Coherence  

An opening preamble: • If the world were purely materialistic, then all of its processes would follow the cause-and-effect mechanics of forces acting on matter, and its final truth would...

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The Fiction that Creates our Reality

Our culture’s idea of the human body has strayed so far from reality that it qualifies as a work of fiction. The effects of that fiction, alas, couldn’t be more...

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