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The Seed of Populism

As a surge of populism is altering the face of politics around the world, a puzzling irony hangs in the air: populism wins approval and votes from a generally hard-working...

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Our longing for embodiment

We inherited a view of the body as something without intelligence: as something ‘beneath us’; as a tool for getting things done; as machinery operated by the brain; as a...

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So What’s Your Workshop Like?

People who haven't taken my workshop are often curious about it, and I am always eager to describe it. But in trying to do so I frequently feel as though...

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Our Challenges, Our Hope

Anyone looking at the state of the world with a sober eye will understand that people have to come together or we will perish. We need to feel and nurture...

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An excerpt from Radical Wholeness

A very happy, if slightly delayed, New Year to you. The delay is a direct result of my current obsession: working on my new book, Radical Wholeness, which is being...

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The Personal Revolution

Excerpt from Philip's upcoming book Radical Wholeness, coming Fall 2017. I was blessed as a teenager to be able to travel on a bicycle through Europe, the Middle East, India...

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About the work I do

There’s a funny dilemma I face when asked, “What’s your book about?” or “What do you teach?” My work has grown out of a lifelong passion for identifying the patterns...

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The Tyrant’s Confusion

In his classic book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell presents not just the hero, but also the tyrant with a thousand faces – and shows him to...

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Allies and Apprenticeships

You can’t do it alone. Not because you haven’t got what it takes, but because that’s not how things are. We are told the contrary, of course – “Stand on...

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