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Deep Fitness Workshop: Toronto April 2024 - The Embodied Present Process

Deep Fitness Workshop: Toronto April 2024

April 7, 2024, 10 - 1 pm EST

New Element Training, 439 University Ave, Suite 105 Toronto, M5G 1Y8, (entrance on Sunday is only from Centre Ave)


In their best-selling book Deep Fitness, Philip Shepherd and Andrei Yakovenko introduced a new, science-based, highly effective workout. Called MSTF, short for ‘Mindful Strength Training to Failure’, it offers the most efficient way to increase muscle strength: it takes only half an hour, once or twice a week. 

And why does muscle strength matter? Research has recently revealed that muscle is the foundation of metabolic health. When muscles work, they create messenger molecules that benefit every tissue and every organ in the body – improving vitality, emotional well-being, bone-mineral density, and mental clarity. The strength of your muscles is the ultimate resource for slowing the effects of aging. The stronger the muscle, and the more intensely it works, the more messenger molecules it creates.

High-intensity strength training is commonly perceived as a form of suffering in which you will your body to push into pain for its own good. MSTF is different. It is an embodied, mindful approach to training, one that can be a source of joy, release and self-discovery. That is what happens when the strength training expertise of Andrei joins the embodied awareness that Philip teaches. 

A special opportunity to experience the marriage of those practices is coming up. Philip will be teaching a two-day Radical Wholeness workshop on Friday - Saturday April 5 - 6, 2024. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in moving out of their heads and into the deeper, more present awareness of the body.

Then on Sunday April 7, Philip, and Andrei will hold a special 3-hour workshop  at Andrei's gym, New Element Training (or NET for short) to show you how to bring mindful embodiment to strength training, so you can discover for yourself what a difference it makes. This training will be limited to 12 participants. 

Prior experience with Philip's work is an asset but not a prerequisite.

Deep Fitness Workshop: Toronto April 2024

$75.00 USD


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