Whole Body Breath Workshop

with Allyson Woodrooffe
TEPP Co-Director and CPCC

Let your breath guide you to clarity.

Breath is our most natural impulse. It gives us life and nourishes our bodies. And yet, unnoticed patterns often inhibit our experience of the breath, which can leave us feeling anxious and uncertain.

Drawing on exercises from The Embodied Present Process, this workshop will help you discover how the body can release to the breath naturally and easily; and it can do so in ways that help minimize anxiety, increase energy and support your own clarity.

Bring awareness to your breath.

Feel supported by your breath.

Access the clarity and wisdom of your body.

“Doing breath work with Allyson helped me reach a new level of peace and presence with my body. I use the exercises she taught me every day to manage stress and anxiety.”

–  Sophia, Toronto

"The words animal, psyche, spirituality and inspiration all trace their roots back to words meaning “breath.” Your experience of your breath is foundational not just to life, but to your experience of life.”

–Philip Shepherd, Radical Wholeness

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