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Discovering your body's subtle, grounded intelligence; learning to recognize what your body knows; coming to trust its attuned wisdom as your deepest truth – all of these steps to embodiment are confused and thwarted by a culture that resolutely puts the head in charge. But those steps need to be taken if you are to reclaim the vitality, purpose and clarity that the journey to wholeness brings to your life. TEPP recognizes this challenge. We recognize that your journey to embodiment needs to be supported in a manner that is at least as consistent as the tugging of your culture in the other direction. That's why the TEPP Membership was created: to provide unique, gentle, ongoing, and at times disruptive guidance that will help you find your way home to the unwavering companionship of the present.

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What does the TEPP membership offer?

The TEPP membership is a little like a gym membership. But where joining a gym is a commitment to strengthen your body's muscles, joining the TEPP community is a commitment to strengthen your body's intelligence. In our culture that intelligence is like a neglected, underused muscle that has been put to sleep. But your body's intelligence holds the key to what the intelligence in the head can only promise, and what you most deeply yearn for.

It is the body's intelligence that enables you to be present. It enables you to connect with and live in harmony with your deeper purpose. It holds you in relationship with others and the world around you. It lets you feel and live from the security of your being. The TEPP membership brings you into a growing community of individuals seeking wholeness each in their own way and sharing questions and insights that help everyone. Here are the three pillars of the TEPP membership:


Understanding  We are not talking about adding bits of information to what you already know. TEPP offers something far more radical – a look at some of our deepest assumptions and conditioning, and how they thwart your freedom if they remain unexamined. Because the membership provides you with support over the long haul, it gives you regular opportunities to join Philip in exploring and questioning the world around you, that you might continue to see it with fresh eyes, and understand your life in a profoundly new way. Those explorations include weekly videos from Philip in which he shares entries from his personal journals and answers questions sent in by members like yourself.


Practices  New insights are wonderful, but until they are put into practice they remain mere window dressing. The TEPP membership offers regular, ongoing, unique practices that are designed to have a cumulative effect, each building on the ones that preceded it. And they arrive at a pace designed to maximize their transformative effect: one practice a week, with all the support you need to bring it into your body over the course of the week. As the practices sensitize and awaken your body's intelligence, they allow you to settle ever more deeply into the present. Simply put, the practices of the TEPP membership are as numerous as the ways in which our unseen assumptions dull us to wholeness. As a member, all the practices you experience will remain available to you for the life of your membership – you can revisit the ones that speak most vividly to you as often as you'd like.


Community  They say "It takes a village to raise a child." We might similarly note "It takes a community to forge a new way of being." And that's really what the insights and practices of TEPP are about. The way of being to which we have habituated is one that teaches disconnection – from the body, from nature, from the tender truth of our lives.

TEPP is increasingly finding ways of bringing community together, that we might help each other in this all-important journey – returning our lives to the wakefulness that feels the connected wholeness of self and world, and finds guidance there. Members are invited to a monthly zoom call with Philip, where he offers a new practice and then opens the discussion to any questions about the work that members might have. There is also a bi-weekly Zoom call led by a TEPP facilitator, in which members go into breakout rooms to share perspectives on issues central to TEPP. We also have a private Facebook group where members can share posts, and a forum where comments or questions about specific practices can be shared. As the membership grows, we'll be looking for further ways in which we can help one another deepen into the work. We look forward to seeing you there!

The TEPP membership is essentially a training program within a growing community. It requires a time commitment of only 20 minutes a day. 


  • ONE NEW PRACTICE EACH WEEK To bring an understanding into the body is not the same as grasping it with the head. The practices of TEPP cannot take root with a 'listen once and move on' approach. We grow into them as we revisit them. So EACH WEEK OF THE TRAINING WILL BE DEVOTED TO ONE PRACTICE: living with it, reflecting on it, and discovering its relevance to your daily life. Every part of the new membership is designed to support that process.
  • A GROUP ZOOM CALL with Philip each month to dive deeper into the themes of TEPP. (On a Tuesday at 3pm ET North American time)
  • A GROUP ZOOM CALL each month with a TEPP Facilitator with breakout rooms. (On a Tuesday at 3pm ET North American time)
  • WEEKLY VIDEOS FROM PHILIP answering questions from TEPP members like you.
  • BI-WEEKLY VIDEOS FROM PHILIP sharing entries from his eleven journals (dating back to 1983) and his reflections on them.
  • WORKSHEETS to deepen your experience and understanding of the week's practice.
  • INVITATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS for journaling as you discover the practices giving you new choice in the patterns of your daily life.
  • ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE TEPP FACEBOOK GROUP Ask Philip questions, get support and engage with other TEPP members.
  • THE COMPANIONSHIP of a vibrant and rich community.
Bonus #1

Pelvic Floor Breath Video

As children, we learn how to breathe from those around us, and from our culture. Because we live in a culture of disconnection, we learn to override the body's natural responses, so that we tend to breathe in a way that is shallow and laboured. This video helps you experience what it is to breathe as a baby breathes – easily, without effort and with the whole of the body.

Watch this video and follow it, and discover for yourself what it means to release the body to the breath. Once you experience this, and notice how good it feels, you will naturally gravitate towards it in your daily life, so that you will eventually find yourself breathing this way all the time. And please consider watching the video repeatedly. It offers a lot of information, and you'll likely notice new things, or notice them differently, with repeated viewings.

Bonus #2

Opening to Your Body's Deeper Intelligence

In this 45-minute video, Philip takes you on a tour into the terrain of the body's intelligence, and through the various ways in which our culture tacitly prohibits us from recognizing it. This overview will impart every TEPP practice with a relevance that will connect it to your daily life, and resonate there.

Bonus #3

Exclusive Facebook Community

By joining the TEPP monthly membership, you'll have access to a rich online Facebook community. 

Bonus #4

Weekly Videos

Each week Philip will send out one or two short videos in which he will answer a question submitted by a member, or will share an entry from one of his eleven journals that date back to 1983. By sharing these enquiries he hopes to support you in yours.

Bonus #5 and #6

Worksheet Questions and Journaling Prompts

We each undertake a journey to wholeness that has never been made, because everyone's experience of wholeness is unique. So your journey cannot be a passive ride. It's being created by you for the first time. It requires questioning, testing and wondering, and will stir up confusion too as the status quo falls away.

To facilitate that process, each member is encouraged to journal about their experience – and support for that journaling will arrive every week in the form of journaling prompts from Philip. He has created worksheet questions that arrive with each practice, and journaling prompts that arrive a few days later. They are created for the specific practice of the week, to help you deepen your experience of it. 

Some of the themes that are covered in the course of the membership:

Introducing the Foundations of TEPP
Exploring the Theme of Aloneness
Alleviating Anxiety
Relationships and Intimacy
Quieting the Mind
Self Love
Resensitizing the Body
Connecting through the Legs
Deepening into Wholeness
Receptivity and the Present
Dimensions of Being
Grounding in Companionship

There are 4 - 8 audio recordings on each theme. And new material continues to be added.

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The Embodied Present Process, or TEPP, is a series of simple, embodied meditations that help people feel the limitations in their responsiveness to the world, and appreciate how those limitations are reinforced by what we have learned from our culture.  The meditations developed by TEPP allow you to move beyond those limitations so you can reconnect to yourself and the world in a new way. 

Much of the work of TEPP is about remembrance, because the influence of our culture induces widespread forgetfulness: forgetfulness of the body, of true relationship, of the present that holds us all. When the body’s intelligence is reclaimed – when you emerge from those shadows of forgetfulness – you come back to a remembrance in which your reality is illuminated by everything around you.

There are many modalities that can help us feel calmer, or more embodied, but TEPP is the only modality we know of that directly unravels the cultural patterns that bind the body, and shows people specifically how and where to land in themselves.  Other modalities also often take charge of the body with top-down instructions without realizing it, instructions that might tell the body when and how to breathe, for instance, or how to feel or move. Such top-down approaches to the body stifle its intelligence. TEPP reunites you with the body’s intelligence, so that you learn to think with the whole of your being, feeling every thought clarified through its sensitivities.

Many people who’ve experienced this work say it has changed their lives. We are used to living in our heads and have come to believe it’s a normal way to be, even though it makes us feel anxious and disconnected and ungrounded. The practices of TEPP help people find their way home to the ease of the body’s natural spaciousness – and that eventually becomes the foundation for everything in their lives. It enables the clarity of the present to support them in all their relationships and enterprises. 

You'll continue to have access to all materials following the end of the course for as long as we are using the Kajabi platform (so a long time!) You can revisit the material as often as you like. 

We anticipate that you'll spend less than 20 min each day listening to a practice or journaling. You may also wish to set aside a little more time to revisit a practice or try it on your own without the recording.

There is a bonus 45 min video that you can watch at your own pace. 

You can revisit any of the practices as many times as you like. (There's a 'star' button so you can favourite practices.) Access to the course will remain indefinitely.

The material is hosted through the Kajabi platform and the videos are not downloadable. So you need to be using internet to view or listen to them.

The membership works like a gym membership. You continue to have access to the material while your subscription is active.

For our standalone courses like Recalibrating the Self, access continues after the course ends. You have access for as long as we keep this platform going!

What makes TEPP unique?

  • TEPP addresses the cultural patterns that inhibit our responsiveness to the world, and helps us past them.

  • TEPP places the body’s intelligence front and center. Most modalities, without realizing it, are top-down.

  • TEPP shows you specifically how to land in the body, and where to come to rest.

  • TEPP guides you from self-consciousness to world-consciousness.

  • The practices of TEPP can be brought into your daily life – they don't require a separate, dedicated time or space.

What our members are saying

"Philip, this is exactly what I'm needing, perhaps what we are all needing."

Caitlin Adair, TEPP member

“This exercise is so powerful, Philip. My entire being woke up and was buzzing/resonating with the universe. I just love this resource. It is so user friendly and I have managed to do a daily TEPP practice, sometimes two practices a day.”

Emer Ni Mhaoileoin
TEPP member

"As I continue to allow myself to feel the living intelligence of my legs the bracing tightness in my legs will begin to melt!...Brings me to deep felt sense of life... thank you."

Barbara Janine Griffin
TEPP member

About Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. His unique techniques have been developed to transform our disconnected experience of self and world, and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated books, New Self, New World (2010), Radical Wholeness (2017) and Deep Fitness (2021)Philip leads workshops around the world, creating a network of people practicing embodiment. Many of his exercises have been transformed into Embodied Meditations that are enjoyed by a global community.