A journey to wholeness, tailored just for you.

TEPP™ co-directors Philip Shepherd and Allyson Woodrooffe offer one-on-one coaching to help you navigate the elusive journey to wholeness. With a deep capacity for listening closely, and the ability to personalize embodiment exercises to your needs, Philip or Allyson will be with you each step of the way.

"Another life-changing session.
Thank you Philip!"

―Marshall W., California

"Working with Allyson has been a deep and powerful resource for me."

―Jade H., Ireland

Embodiment Coaching

with Philip or Allyson

One-on-one embodiment coaching sessions (through Skype or Zoom) offer you practical feedback, support and a program of simple exercises tailored for your individual needs and growth. Ultimately, coming home to the body is challenging, transformative work (sort of like life itself), and benefits from a skilled, encouraging guide. 

Presentation Coaching

with Philip

Giving a talk and feeling uncomfortable? Does a part of you dread making a presentation, knowing you always feel rushed and nervous? Philip can provide effective, easy to integrate information that will help you become a better presenter, no matter what the forum – from business presentations, to public speaking.

Pregnancy Coaching

with Allyson

As co-director of The Embodied Present Process and a certified Co-Active Professional Coach, Allyson supports pregnant people to discover the support, power and resiliency that is found within the body so that they can enjoy pregnancy, thrive through labour and find calm during parenthood. 

Get started with 8 embodied meditations.

Go beyond mindful meditation with these 8 audio exercises. Written and led by TEPP co-director Philip Shepherd, these recordings are essential to your exploration of wholeness.

Follow along with audio alone; no demonstrations necessary. These exercises will help you explore a new way of being in your body and the world. Build them into your daily routine, and break down you unseen patterns of disconnection.