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A Foot in Two Worlds: Empowering Tools for Traumatic Times

I’m proud to be part of A Foot in Two Worlds: Empowering Tools for Traumatic Times. This is a cutting-edge, eight-part series that tackles head on the practical question of what will enable us not just to survive or endure the insanity of our world – but how to actually learn, thrive and grow in the midst of the stressful buffeting that our post-truth world seems to throw at us every day. What tools will help us keep our hearts open, and help us move forward? I don’t know of a more pressing issue. The series is the creation of activists, authors and pioneers Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker – two people deeply grounded in integrity of thought and action. And it will be available to subscribers for the next six months. Please do check it their introductory video here, which also has a registration link.

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