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Fearing our own peace of heart

When the male aspect of our consciousness detaches from the female aspect of our consciousness, it moves us into a state of anticipation. That is the state in which most of us live almost all the time. It is a state in which there cannot be peace of heart – in fact, it is mistrustful of a peace of heart. For that reason, ‘anticipation’ and ‘peace of heart’ may be understood as opposites. Peace of heart is a state of being that is liberated from all anticipation. It is made possible by a deep connection with being, and by the unshakable security that that imparts. It is a state that is wide open to the present, and is at rest within it, flinching from nothing: it opens to sadness, joy, urgency, love and even heartbreak. It is a state of seamless connection that shows us the deepest roots of the moment’s necessity – the world’s necessity – and empowers us with them. That is why we are so afraid of our own peace of heart – because it threatens to change everything.

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