8 thoughts on “Where Language and Embodiment Come Together”

  1. Loved it!!! I really appreciated your presentation/sharing at the Embodiment Conference. Will be looking for one of your books!

    1. Thanks, Ray. If you’re looking at one of my books, I always suggest that people start with Radical Wholeness, as I’ve been told it’s an easier read. And both of my books are also available as audio books, as well – narrated by me. I look forward to your encounter with one or the other of them!

  2. So good to see and feel you Philip. I sense a growing ease of softness enhanced by a delicious emanation of delight infused with your being. Much love, Lucy

  3. thank you so much Philip. i struggle to keep my mind and body integrated. That’s one reason i’m a dancer! I find words to be a challenge. I love ideas, often disembodied. i get so excited by my ideas. But it’s often very mental.
    I love the thought of challenging myself to speak with more embodiment, and thank you for reminding me of Shakespeare’s embodied text.

    1. Hey, John, it’s great to hear from you, and thanks for your comment. I’ve found it a challenging and wonderful journey – to allow embodied awareness to be the foundation of my speaking.

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