What New Self, New World is all about

We shot this little clip to help introduce my book, New Self, New World, using our new camera and mic.

2 thoughts on “What New Self, New World is all about”

  1. male – head – female = heart so as male started to demean the feminine the race left the heart and moved into what Plato said was the rational logical superior mind – thus head/heart balance mirrored female/male balance

    1. Nice summation of the work. It seems to me, though, that the pelvic bowl is the lost realm of the feminine aspect of our consciousness. Thousands of years ago, when our culture was gathered around the goddess, we actually experienced our thinking in the pelvic bowl, as some indigenous cultures still do. It is the thinking of being itself – not just our being within our skins, but our being as it comes into relationship with the world and is informed by it. In the head, by contrast, we experience a separation from the world and think mainly about our own thoughts. The heart is the balance point between them, the doorway that opens our entire felt self to the present and the world around us.

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