The Sun Magazine Interview!

Amnon Buchbinder interviewed me for last April 2013 issue of The Sun magazine.  This interview remains the best overview of my work that is available.  Please do check it out here if you have a chance.

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  1. Just read the article and am blown away. Philip Shepherd speaks his truth in a way that cuts straight through the bull**** yet with eloquence and grace — like a shaft of piercing light in a dark room. I have goosebumps. Can’t wait to get my hands on his book.

    1. Well, now I can’t wait for you to get your hands on my book either! Many thanks for your note, Annabele – I can’t tell you how touched I was by it.

    1. Thanks so much, Bruce. If you want to read more about the Polynesian sailors, check out the amazing book, “The Wayfinders”, by Wade Davis. The subtitle of the book is “Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World”. Well worth checking out, and there’s a whole chapter about the sailors.

  2. Howard Herscovici

    I would like to congratulate you on the Sun article. I have been a subscriber to the magazine for a great many years and I have found the interviews to be the most transformative for me. It seems that when I am on the cusp of some realization, a Sun arrives at my door with a marvellous human being transmitting the lessons they have learned. Such was the case with your interview. I look forward to meeting you at one of your workshops and telling the whole story.

    There is just one thing I would like to comment on in the interview. In your example of the difference between digital and analog I think it might be more accurate, and more effective, to use the analogy of a live performance vs a digital copy. As a music lover and collector, as well as percussionist, even the best of vinyl is still a reproduction and limited by all the technology in between. Also, with a live performance the venue is a large part of the sound experience, and this is only marginally captured for reproduction.

    I was wondering if you will be making this interview available on your website.

    Thank you!

  3. I just bought the book after reading the Sun Interview. The beginning reminds me of Meher Baba’s comment in his Discourses: “As in all great critical periods of human history, humanity is now going through the agonising travail of spiritual rebirth. Great forces of destruction are afoot and seem to be dominant at the moment, but constructive and creative forces which will redeem humanity are also being released through several channels. Although the working of these forces of light is chiefly silent, they are eventually bound to bring about those transformations which will make the further spiritual advance of humanity safe and steady.” Philip’s book seems like it’s letting a little bit of the light in. I look forward to reading it.

    1. What a beautiful quote, Paul, and one I’ve not heard before. I completely agree with its sentiment, and it seems now more than ever that great forces of destruction, as well as the inertia of apathy, are darkening the skies. The light is coming, seeping into the world. I hope it comes in time.

  4. Dear Philip… I was introduced to your work through The Sun interview, which completely jibed with and expanded upon (in amazing ways) my own growing understanding of what it is to be human, what it is to be alive, and what it has been, through most of my 60+ years, to live apart from an aware connection to both humanness and aliveness. I just read somewhere that even though it is not possible to lose certain essential connections, it IS possible to find them.

    I just got my hands on New Self, New World and am reading it slowly, delighting in the comprehensive and inclusive nature of your inquiry. It reads like a unified theory of existence. Okay, this might be a bit of a stretch. And I’ve only just begun reading it. But already I can feel where you’re headed and the great giant steps both backwards (for perspective) and forwards (for direct knowing) you courageously have taken in order to articulate so clearly what it is to find oneself a HUMAN BEING (!) alive on this mysterious and marvelous Earth.

    God bless you and thank you. I hope you don’t mind if I write again as I get deeper into the book. I am already so floored and excited by it. And I’d love to get to one of your workshops sometime soon too. Take care.


  5. Dear Philip,
    I, like most others, found you through your article in The Sun. Immediately after I finished the article, I went out and bought your book. I have been so deeply touched by it. It is putting words to something I have felt my whole life, and I can’t tell you what relief that brings! You are part of THE most important movement happening on earth today, as far as I see it! Thank you for making the painstaking effort to craft your thoughts in such a clean, articulate, superbly edited form. I look forward to your next book as well.

    Best wishes,

  6. Hello Philip,
    I too am a long-time subscriber to The Sun who thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview. The concept of the brain in/of the belly reminded me of the writing of New Thought author Charles Haanel who describes the solar plexus as “the brain of the subjective mind.” Other New Thought authors, Genevieve Behrend and Elizabeth Towne, also speak of the solar plexus as not only a crucial center in each of us, but also as the connector between human mind and Universal mind. They don’t talk about the belly or gut, but the solar plexus seems to be quite close, anatomically speaking!

  7. Philip,
    The interview in The Sun was one of those ‘just the right thing at the right time’ moments for me. I have read and re-read the interview several times! I lend my copy to others but always ask for it back; I am thrilled to be able to send them online for the interview. I am excited to get your book both for personal reasons and professional. After owning a landscape design and installation firm for several years, this year I started a new company offering interior and exterior design services with the focus on ‘Transformational Design’. One of my specialties are ‘Wealth Rooms’ which are intimate spaces designed to allow individuals the opportunity to get reacquainted with themselves and thus live more fully. Sometimes it can seem pretty lonely in the world, it is wonderful to see so many of the truths I have felt or thought of in print.
    Thank you,

    1. It can seem lonely in the world, Kristan – mainly I think because we’ve designed and developed our architecture, language, customs, hierarchies et al to reinforce our illusion of separateness. From your description it sounds as though your are creating sensory spaces that are helping people return to and reclaim what I think of as the original “Wealth Room” of the body. Important work, and I wish you every success with it.

      Thanks for your kind words about the interview, and especially for sharing it with others. And I hope you find my book to be a sort of “Wealth Room” in a different guise. Warmest regards ….

  8. Carlos Velazquez

    This is the single best thing I have ever read. Just downloaded the book and subscribed to The Sun. Thank you thank you thank you for pioneering this work. I feel as though I’ve just discovered something that will change the course of the rest of my life. Thank you! I cannot thank you enough.

    1. Thanks for your note, Carlos. It’s wonderful to hear from you – your words mean so much to me. As you probably can tell, this is my life’s work. Because it goes directly against the grain of our culture’s messaging, people don’t always get it – so to hear from someone as receptive to what it is saying as you are lifts my heart. I really look forward to you delving into the book!

  9. Fascinating! Like discovering the alphabet after you have learned to read by the ‘whole word recognition’ method. All my life, ever since a very young child, I’ve questioned, doubted, trusted my own intuitions, and generally rebelled against attempts to ‘mould’ me into what everyone else felt was ‘appropriate’. I have never understood the need to resort to drugs to ‘get high’; nature, daydreaming, listening to music, painting, dancing – any and all of these things get me high at the drop of a hat. I remember once, when I was about seven, sitting on the grass and watching an ant navigate its way through what became, as I found myself transported into the ant’s environment, a very dense, difficult to traverse, forest! A breathtaking experience. I’ve always trusted my intuition, my ‘gut feelings’. When I haven’t, listening to the head instead, I’ve always come a cropper, so I learned early to trust my gut. I used to be chastised for being a ‘dreamer’, but I ignored the voices; I liked being a dreamer. I’m now going to buy your book! Thanks for the lesson.

    1. Well, congratulations on having “ignored the voices”, as you put it. There are so many more ways of knowing and experiencing the world than through the limited spectrum that is mediated by our rational faculties. The “voices” always want to mould you into that diminished realm; when you truly pay attention to the world, like those forest-traversing ants, it will invite you into accord with its own vivid reality. I hope you’ll share the interview with other dreamers!

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