My work in a nutshell

The essence of my work is this: the center of female consciousness in each of us lies in the pelvic bowl; the center of our male consciousness resides in the head.  But we have disconnected them and find ourselves stuck in the male side.  Out of balance, living in our heads, we are overwhelmed by our agendas of doing, too preoccupied to notice the messages from being – those of our personal being, and of the larger being of the world itself.  As a result, both are taking a hit.

We cannot heal this wound by replacing an old set of ideas with new ones.  It requires something less familiar to us: a journey out of the head and into the body’s subtle genius.  It is a journey towards wholeness.  You can’t evolve your consciousness into healing if you treat your body as secondary.  Consciousness and the body are not two things, they are one.  Fortunately, the farther the journey takes you the better it feels – because it carries you from the anxious habits of control, alienation, judgment and self-conflict, and brings you home to the clarity, grace and engaged passions of your undivided being.

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  1. Are you implying that there are only two centers and not three? How is it then that emotions can wreak havoc and disease in both the mind and the body.

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