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Below are some recent interviews. Enjoy!

Embodied Sensitivity as Intelligence

Enjoy this interview with host Stefana Serafina.  We spoke about sensitivity as intelligence, being in the world through our bodies,  and why we can’t live intelligently without returning to our body’s capacity for deep knowing and presence.

The New Lifeboat Hour with Carolyn Baker

Philip and Carolyn discuss his new book New Self, New World, what it means to be embodied, and why that matters in a time of global crisis. https://drumbaker.podbean.com/e/philip-shepherd-april-1-2016/

Body Intelligence Summit

In case you missed it, here is the interview I did with the wonderful Katie Henricks for the Body Intelligence Summit 2016. [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”https://philipshepherd.com/BodyIntelligenceSummit2016-0216-0900-PhilipShepherd-Audio.mp3″] The Body Intelligence Summit is a free online event featuring scientists, coaches, dance facilitators and health experts who share how to access new levels of vitality and become more deeply embodied. This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

John Murray Show – Ireland

Great radio interview on the John Murray Show while giving a talk and workshop in Ireland. This is one of the most popular national radio shows in the country.

Nonduality Talk Radio

Nonduality Talk Radio & Newsletter Timeless insights, one day at a time [audio:https://philipshepherd.com/6august2014_shepherd.mp3|autostart=no]

Natural Health Radio Interview

Shortcuts: Actor, Author and Teacher Philip Shepherd on our second brain and living in the belly