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Below are some recent interviews. Enjoy!

A Foot in Two Worlds: Empowering Tools for Traumatic Times

I’m proud to be part of A Foot in Two Worlds: Empowering Tools for Traumatic Times. This is a cutting-edge, eight-part series that tackles head on the practical question of what will enable us not just to survive or endure the insanity of our world – but how to actually learn, thrive and grow in the midst of the stressful buffeting that our post-truth world seems to throw at us every day. What tools will help us keep our hearts open, and help us move forward? I don’t know of a more pressing issue. The series is the creation of activists, authors and pioneers Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker – two people deeply grounded in integrity of thought and action. And it will be available …

A Foot in Two Worlds: Empowering Tools for Traumatic Times

Power in Partnership

Amy Elizabeth Gordon, interviewed me as part of an online series, Power in Partnership, which looks at the challenges and rewards of partnership as a way of helping us to navigate them. The series started yesterday, so it is up and running, and it’s free! She’s assembled some wonderful speakers, and she has a way of bringing out the best in them. Please check it out here:http://powerinpartnership.net/

11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh


Radical Wholeness: A conversation with Philip Shepherd


Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Body




Global Emotional Health Summit 2017

My interview with Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Radical Gentleness with Simon on the Sofa

Check out this delightful conversation with Simon on the Sofa!

Interview on Global Emotional Health Summit

I had a wonderful talk with Dolores Andrew-Gavin of the Global Emotional Health Summit who knows my work well because she has attended my workshop. This gives our conversation a lovely depth and range. Hope you enjoy it.

Growth Now Movement Interview

Had a great time talking with Justin and Zac on the JuttBug: Growth Now Movement podcast. Great holiday listenting! Have a listen! And check them out on Facebook.