Philip Shepherd is available for interviews and keynote talks. For inquiries, please contact the TEPP team here.

Below are some recent interviews. Enjoy!

Andrew Harvey interviews Philip

Andrew Harvey and Philip Shepherd in a wide-ranging conversation that touches on embodiment, spirituality, theatre and the joys and challenges of living in our times. Andrew Harvey is a world-renowned author, religious scholar and teacher, and is the Founder and Director of The Institute of Sacred Activism. **Apologies – for 6 minutes in the middle of this we lost the picture. But the audio is continuous! Back to Interviews

Interview on Mindfulness Mode Podcast

http://mindfulnessmode.com/achieve-radical-wholeness-with-embodiment-expert-philip-shepherd/ Back to Interviews

Interview on The Autoimmune Hour


Interview with Seeds of Awareness

Interview with Matt and Steph from Seeds of Awareness in Byron Bay, Australia.

Interview with Yoga Lunchbox

https://theyogalunchbox.co.nz/philip-shepherd-on-radical-wholeness/ Philip Shepherd on What It’s Really Like To Experience Radical Wholeness

Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer


The Embodiment Matters Podcast: Waking Up and Being Embodied

I was interviewed for a great new podcast, Embodiment Matters. It is the creation of Erin Geesaman Rabke and Carl Rabke, two deeply committed educators and experts in a range of bodywork modalities and the principles that inform them. So it was a special treat to be interviewed by Carl for their new podcast – listen here: https://bodyhappy.com/embodiment-matters-podcast/a-conversation-with-philip-shepherd

Human Current: Feeling Complexity With Radical Wholeness

I also had a great conversation about Radical Wholeness with Haley Campbell-Gross on the HumanCurrent –The Complexity Podcast. As they explain, “At the HumanCurrent our team believes that complexity awareness and tolerance can help us find happiness in work and in life.” I had a lively and really probing talk with Haley about wholeness, and its radical, harmonizing complexity. You can have a listen here! http://www.human-current.com/episode-072-feeling-complexity-with-radical-wholeness