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Below are some recent interviews. Enjoy!

Interview with Ilan Stephani

I first met Ilan Stephani on a panel discussion for The Embodiment Conference, and was blown away by her. She brought to the discussion a deeply informed honesty that, combined with her unfettered spontaneity, proved utterly refreshing. So I approached her to see if we might exchange passions and points of view in a recorded discussion. This is the result, and we’re seeing it as the first in a series of discussions. Hope you enjoy it! And we’d love your feedback.

Things Worth Considering

I really enjoyed being interviewed on the show “Things Worth Considering”. Hosts Gord Riddell and Alexia Gerogousis are both members of the Transformational Arts College and that afforded our conversation a particularly resonant depth. I hope you’ll consider giving it a listen!

Interview with Satyen Raja from Warrior Sage

I loved my conversation with Satyen Raja, co-founder of Warrior Sage. I hope you will enjoy it too!

An Interview with Ian Lobas

What I loved about this interview with Ian Lobas is his commitment to digging into my work in a way that would most directly and practically benefit his audience. Well, I also loved just talking with him – for his honesty, curiosity and humour. Hope you enjoy it! You can listen here or on Ian’s site.

Surrendering to the Wisdom of Your Body

Ian MacKenzie is a deeply inquiring, paradigm shifting writer, speaker, filmmaker and facilitator who also runs a podcast called the Mythic Masculine. He interviewed me for it recently, and together we delved into subjects and issues dear to my heart. I loved this conversation and hope you’ll have a chance to join us for a listen.

Tracking Yes: An interview with Liz Wiltzen

I had a fabulous romp with Liz Wiltzen on her podcast “Tracking Yes: A Guide to Everyday Magic”. We had so much fun that we’re going to do it again, but in the meantime you can listen to Part 1 at  https://www.lizwiltzen.com/podcast

Conversation with Retake our Democracy

Paul Gibson is the director of a vital, grass-roots organization called Retake Our Democracy. It’s bringing crucial questions and information forward in ways that are designed to activate our engagement. He and I had a wide-ranging, lively, rich conversation, which I hope you enjoy! Back to Interviews

Lively interview with Simon Paul Sutton

Talking with Simon Paul Sutton is always a glorious adventure. Hope you enjoy this romp together as we explore themes dear to both of our hearts. Back to Interviews

Spirit Matters Podcast

I had a fun and probing conversation with Philip Goldberg and Dennis Ralmondi on their Spirit Matters podcast. They bring an unusual depth of experience, learning and curiosity to their interviews, and I had a great time with them. Give it a listen – I think you’ll enjoy it too!http://spiritmatterstalk.com/philip-shepherd/ Back to Interviews

Rediscovering Radical Wholeness

I had a really lively conversation with author and lifestyle coach Howard Jacobson, who deeply understands my work and writes eloquently about it. I thoroughly enjoyed the give and take of our talk, and think you might too. You can give it a listen on the link below. https://plantyourself.com/rediscovering-radical-wholeness-with-philip-shepherd-pyp-326/ Back to Resources