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Zoom Mindful Strength Training Coaching - The Embodied Present Process

Mindful Strength Training Coaching

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Strenghten your Muscles, Deepen your Being

Mindful Strength Training to Failure (MSTF) offers a dramatic paradigm shift into how we approach fitness. Instead of dominating the body and willing it through a predetermined number of reps, a MSTF workout offers the body's intelligence an invitation to emerge and be deeply experienced. This encounter with the self can be life-changing.

  • Discover new ways of releasing your body to the breath, ways that are supportive, sustainable and that help you in your everyday life, including your workouts.
  • Discover what it is to do your workout, or anything, while staying in connection with your core – that deep well of strength and clarity within.
  • Feel connected to the world in your workout and life by expanding your awareness beyond the ‘boundary’ of yourself.
Not your typical workout

Drawing on the research and exercises in Philip Shepherd and Andrei Yakovenko's new book Deep Fitness, our Mindful Strength Training and Embodiment Sessions blend slow and mindful strength training with the groundbreaking embodiment practices of TEPP.

Together we’ll clarify and define your goals around strength training; we’ll explore gentle embodiment practices; and you'll discover the support of a body released to the breath and that is alive and open to the world.

In each session we'll explore breath/embodiment practices as well as strength training exercises. You’ll leave with tools to explore, principles with which to apply to a custom workout plan we created for the coming week.

The principles and practices we share can support you during both a gym workout with machines and an at-home using body-weight and resistance bands.

Mindful Strength Training Coaching

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