Presentation Coaching


People grossly misunderstand what their job is when giving a presentation – and what they imagine to be their job is actually setting them up for failure. No wonder public speaking is a nightmare for many.

But it needn’t be a dreaded experience. Philip’s background as a keynote speaker, an embodiment teacher and an actor with 50 years experience enables him to provide you with clear, effective, easy to integrate information that utterly simplifies the experience of making a presentation. In fact, the experience quickly becomes enjoyable. Philip has coached CEOs from large corporations, university professors and students, as well as actors, and is recognized for the effectiveness of his unique approach.

There is a selection of sessions that can be purchased, and all are outlined below. Once you have purchased a session, we will contact you within 48 business hours to schedule it.

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Length of Session

45 min, 60 min

Number of Sessions

1 session, 3 sessions