8 Essential Embodied Meditations

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Eight embodied meditations by Philip Shepherd to help you dive into wholeness.


Listen to a sample:

This collection of audio recordings from Philip Shepherd are meant to be listened to sequentially.  In that regard, they are pretty much self-explanatory – no demonstration required. Some of these come from the Radical Wholeness weekend workshop, and some from the Intermediate workshop – but all are easy to follow. We’ve had wonderful feedback from people about them – many of whom replay their favourites frequently. Each exercise is designed to take you on a different adventure into an exploration of wholeness. We hope you enjoy them!

All eight exercises will be available for immediate download upon purchase.Please note, audio files will not play automatically on iPhones. Download files first to a computer and then transfer to your tablet or mobile. (If you use gmail, please check your Promotions tab for the order confirmation email, that also contains the download link, if it doesn’t appear in your inbox immediately!)

  1. The Trickle-down Effect, 04:58
  2. The Elevator, 05:46
  3. Elevator – The Energy Magnet, 03:36
  4. Elevator – Lights Out, 03:27
  5. Just Receive, 09:18
  6. The Hour Glass, 05:51
  7. The Whole Body Breath, 13:00
  8. The Body’s Sensitivity, 04:54

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These exercises by Philip Shepherd were developed for The Embodied Present Process and were recorded in Topanga, California, on January 20, 2016. They were produced and engineered by Chris Garcia.

All files are protected by copyright 2016 Philip Shepherd. Any duplication or sharing of the files without prior authorization constitutes a copyright violation.  We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

15 reviews for 8 Essential Embodied Meditations

  1. Stuart Walker (verified owner)

    These are excellent guides through some of the key exercises in Philip’s courses. As a student I’ve found it a useful way to review the workshop and I’ve been reminded of many lovely details of the process. The first thing I noticed when listening was how much more slowly Philip speaks than I remember. It’s certainly a much more friendly pace than when my own mind reads a written exercise in the book. Such a relief! Several people I’ve spoken to since the workshop expressed challenge with practicing and these exercises give you a much appreciated way to ease in.

    If you’ve been reading New Self, New World you’re probably intrigued enough already to appreciate the added dimension of experiencing the exercises. They will bring home the sense that we embody our language and our speaking, and Philip is sharing this experience: of being present to our pelvic consciousness. Enjoy!

    I’ve also recommended these to clients as I feel they are clear and straightforward enough to follow without previous experience. They are in a specific order and build upon each other, with later exercises incorporating earlier techniques, so if you haven’t participated in a workshop yet, then it may help to do each exercise a couple of times before moving on to the next. So whether you are here because you’re curious, or have participated in a workshop and want to get more from your practice, allow Philip to guide you through his work. Wholeheartedly recommended.

  2. Shivaun Riley

    The simplicity and beauty of these exercises makes them all the more powerful. They are a wonderful series of standalone exercises or as a complement to Philip’s courses. His exercises remind me of the sheer joy of just being and being alive.

  3. Momo (verified owner)

    Walking the talk isn’t possible without embodying one’s soul’s presence.

    This sounds common sense, and yet it is the most difficult task in my life.

    Philip’s exercises are there to re-connect all aspects of you, concentrating on the integration of all of them in the much forgotten cells of our body, re-igniting the core and the base.

    “My body” becomes “me” more and more, with the help of these “simple” exercises.

    Uncovering old patterns and memories stored in every cell, clearing out what is not mine, integrating what has gotten lost, I enjoy every one of Philip’s exercises – particularly all variations of the elevator shaft, and the whole body breath.

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    I practice the TEPP exercises to review and integrate Philip’s teachings from “New Self New World”. These gentle physical movements and clear visualizations help sensitize and shift my awareness to the body and in particular the pelvic bowl. Easier for me to feel the results than to write about them, Philip’s voice is deep and calming and a friend to those who want to slow down and connect to the present. My favorites are The Body’s Sensitivity and The Elevator. These exercises are a gift from Philip and highly recommended.

  5. Andy Jacques (verified owner)

    Having heard glowing reviews from one of my Alexander Technique teachers about Philip’s work I was keen to learn more. Based in the UK, I’ve not had the opportunity to attend one of Philip’s workshops but was sufficiently intrigued to try out the exercises. I’ve found them a fresh and interesting way of increasing my awareness of the present moment and developing a deeper connection with myself. I’ve particularly enjoyed Whole Body Breathing and Just Receive. Even in the space of a few short minutes one gains a sense of aliveness and connectedness with the world that wasn’t there, or was perhaps obscured, before.

  6. Marianne Spitzform (verified owner)

    These exercises have been so personally helpful that I sometimes bring them to psychotherapy clients who are very ‘stuck’ in high-in-the-body masculine energy. I am grateful for their availability and heartily recommend them!

  7. Harlan Frank Showers (verified owner)

    I find this work healing. It gives me ways to help directees of my spiritual direction to find Divine Spirit within them.

  8. Karl Jacobs (verified owner)

    The exercises are excellent for connecting to the body, the earth and source creation/all-that-is. And more, so much more.
    Thank you, Philip, for creating the exercises and the loving work you do.

  9. Jeann Brick

    These exercises are seemingly simple in how they engage your imagination and your breath, yet quite profound in how they affect your presence in your body and beyond. The awareness of the power of the in-breath reverberates beyond the exercises. The following day after doing the exercises, I noticed a shift in my breathing that brought more ease and elegance to swimming laps in a pool with an expanded awareness of the beauty of the clouds in the afternoon sky as I swam. Thank you, Philip. I look forward to going deeper with these exercises.

  10. Joseph Glostott (verified owner)

    The effects of the exercises have been rather subtle thus far. However, I actually appreciate this fact, as I really need an experience of the subtle realm of the self in this noisy world. Thank you, Philip.

  11. Lee Pope (verified owner)

    As a first step to understanding Philip’s work, I recommend that you read one or both of his books – New Self, New World, which has exercises at the end of each chapter, and/or the more recent book, Radical Wholeness. Both are inspiring and beautifully written, but hopefully you will realize that reading the books are just a first step, and if you actually want to awaken to your body’s intelligence, you will need to practice. If you can take a weekend workshop (which I highly recommend) with Philip, you will be gratified to experience directly both his clear wisdom and his warm presence, and you will benefit from the opportunity to be guided by him in a number of wonderfully transformative exercises. This audio of Eight Essential Exercises, guided by Philip, is a perfect aid to continuing with the work after the workshop, which you will certainly want to do if you are to get maximum benefit from the workshop. On the other hand, if you are unable to take the workshop, these exercises are the next best thing. It takes patience and regular practice to develop any new habit of consciousness, but it is well worth the effort. Philip’s approach is rich and rewarding, and these audio exercises can make the necessary follow through so easy.

  12. Claire (verified owner)

    There’s a subtlety with these exercises, coupled with Philip’s gentle voice, that bring you right into the body. I’ve almost finished the book and these are a wonderful adjunct to the material that’s covered.

  13. Sheila Montoya (verified owner)

    I love these small vignettes into the pelvic bowl and body! My favorite is the trickle down, because it gets me standing and into my legs. That stability and awareness is so vitally grounding! Thank you Phillip! The journey begins!

  14. caroline lindo (verified owner)

    Thank you Philip for developing and sharing this work. These exercises support me in my grounding and presence troughout the day, and I use the recordings as a reference or anchor point when I feel I can use the guidance again. I’ve also followed the workshop, which I can highly recommend.

  15. Liz Wiltzen (verified owner)

    What a gift to have direct access to Philip’s guidance in bringing our awareness into the body.

    These exercises are short, which makes them perfect if you want to build even just a 5 minute daily practice in connecting with an integrated, fully embodied sense of awareness.

    Following Philip’s lead, I’ve also brought a variation of them to my coaching clients. They are a deceptively simple tool that supports them in moving from a “past/future/fear” mind driven response to challenges, and opens up a deep and present awareness that connects them with a sense of well-being and trust in themselves and life.

    Thanks so much Philip for making this available to us as a complement to your writings and workshops. For $25 you can’t go wrong – these visualizations are an essential component of any spiritual seeker’s toolkit.

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