Pregnancy & the Body's Intelligence

with Allyson Woodrooffe
TEPP Co-Director and CPCC

Simple practices to support you through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Pregnancy is huge. The challenges you face are huge. (Hey, your belly will probably feel huge too!) And there's lots of support out there to help you 'get through' your pregnancy. But if you'd like something more - if you'd like to discover practices that can bring you home to your body's intelligence through this extraordinary time and beyond, then this online workshop is for you.

Learn to trust your body's intelligence.


Let the breath to support you through this momentous time.


Awaken your empowered, embodied, pregnant self.

"I am now approaching the birth of my baby, fully present in my body with a tangible sense of my own power, deeply rooted to the earth and with a new understanding of what it means to surrender."

Jade, Ireland

Pregnancy: a wild ride

Discovering you are pregnant often comes with a bewildering array of emotions. From feeling like you're the first person to ever have ridden such a wild rollercoaster to feeling connected to all those who have given birth before you, it is a wild ride unlike any other. There is an intensity to the experience that is impossible to describe.

You suddenly feel as if you are not in control of your body anymore. From strange food cravings, to feet pressing into your ribs from the inside, to uncertainty over what parenthood will bring.

You've been told how important certain breathing techniques are during pregnancy. And they are, but this workshop offers practices and exploration that will support you through this transformative journey and can be used in your everyday life. By helping you rest in, and trust, your body's intelligence, this workshop offers you access to a limitless resource and your best teacher - your body.

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“I am a phenomenon. I am multiplying. I am one becoming two, and then I am two becoming one,”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker: A Novel

A welcoming community of connection, learning & exploration

  1. In our first class we will explore the role of the pelvic floor, some misinformation about it and ways you can support yours so that it can best support you. We will introduce some simple yet effective ways of initiating breath into the body that can be used every day in any situation.
  2. During our second session, we will discover the body's energy and how to bring it to rest in the pelvic bowl. We will explore receptivity and where resilience and resourcefulness live in the body.
  3. The third class will offer ways of shifting the centre of our awareness from the busy and isolated confines of the head and down into the deep calm and intelligence of the body. The series will end with a deeply restful experience of the whole body releasing to the breath.

This virtual workshop will be limited to 8 participants to allow for rich and intimate conversation.

Not your typical pre-natal class

Move from nervous to grounded, from uncertain to embodied, from anxious to excited.

Pregnancy and delivery should an empowered and transformational journey. Your body has incredible wisdom, resources and strength.

I hope you'll join me to discover yours!

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