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Because this workshop is so different from anything else that’s out there, it’s hard to describe.  If you’ve taken the workshop, though, you know what it’s like.  And if you share something of your experience here, it might just help others get a sense of it.  It might even encourage someone to take a chance on it, just as you did …..  Many thanks,  Philip

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57 thoughts on “Participants’ Comments”

  1. Philip Shepherd’s workshop was an incredibly intimate experience and his presence held the space so safe that I was able to allow the exercises to awaken a deep love within me; and I am awash in it still.

    To the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach,

  2. The Workshop with Philip Shepherd is practical yet deep, and at times it’s a nearly mystical play between the mind, the body, the breath, and the consciousness of self in relationship to self and other. Philip is courageous and funny, and has an almost preternatural ability to see and help develop resources within each of us which we are already carrying within us yet may not be fully utilizing. He helps us out of our habitual minds and into a new relationship with ourselves and others using the tools of breath, body and language. Philip gives plenty of practical resources we can use to work skillfully with ourselves, our lives, our communications, and to ease past somatic upsets, such as trauma and other physical insults. What happens in this workshop is difficult to explain, as I am sure you will see. I can definitely recommend it, and we in Tulsa are already preparing to bring him back in the spring for lots more!

  3. My work as a professional dealing with workplace conflict and human rights issues was truly transformed after I attended Philip Shepherd’s workshop two years ago.

    His work had a profound impact on me and my relationship with myself, my work and the world. I have imparted to clients aspects of Philip’s work and this has supported them in resolving their workplace experiences.

    On a personal level, I inhabit my body in a different way and now have ways in which to become more connected. This enhances my effectiveness, whether in facilitation, mediation or training.

    Philip’s work is ground-breaking with universal application and relevance.

  4. I experienced a revelation from the weekend that may very well have changed my life – the actual impact is hard to identify because many choices will change going forward as a result of this revelation. I feel as though this particular “click” (paradigm shift) has been hovering around me for some time – in moments over the past couple of years I have even articulated parts of it – but it never fully landed because some “piece of the puzzle” was missing. I believe that the weekend provided that piece because of the body connection – in other words, I previously understood this truth as a concept in my head, but couldn’t fully realize it because it had not landed in my body.

    Philip’s work is profound.

  5. ‘Twas brillig!
    I a grateful in my bones.
    When I read the interview in ‘The Sun!’ I needed to know more.
    Now I understand more about knowing!
    Thank you for two days of deep learning.

  6. Rebecca Stauffer

    My whole self is reveling in the experience of Philip’s workshop. It is a feeling of coming home, being at peace, yet feeling more aliveness and connection with world and life than ever. Dare I say that I am feeling the end of searching for the “how” and what is left is simply carrying on in ever more integrated living.

    Philip’s integrity, care, connection, patience, and humble brilliance are so refreshing in a crowded marketplace. His work is powerful and delivered respectfully with humor and deep empathy. As others have mentioned, this was the key missing piece for me, so the experience feels amplified in significance.

    May you find your way to wholeness,

  7. Philip’s gifts are simply life-changing. Joy-filled, Deepening, Enlivening, Empowering, Remembering, Grounding and Elevating, Centering and Expansive – all and more simultaneously. I feel more at home in my body and in this world than ever before. All of me, which simply put includes all that is. Magnificently Simple – Exquisitely Natural.

  8. I loved the workshop. It was good fun, funny, intense and theatrical (Philip’s acting background is a tremendous boon). I witnessed some amazing moments – which I am still processing. One woman, an acro-yogini – discovered her balance was off and suddenly she could perform an incredibly gymnastic manouevre that she had been practicing for months. A fantastic experience rooted in acceptance and love from the core. Thank you!!

  9. I am full of gratitude for Philip for creating such safe and welcoming space and for all of us in the circle of workshop participants for showing up with such courage, honesty and truth.

    One of my integration themes is physical pain in my body. I have had significant pains in my right foot and my right hand for a while. I realize that I tended to distance myself from my body part when pain was present, as if almost to cut it off energetically, and the areas became energetically frozen/stagnant. After this weekend I am taking any emerging pain as an invitation to remember to return to my core, and from my core to breathe into the body part that is longing for attention/love/breath/Presence. The result is stunningly less pain and a renewed of physical wholeness and integration. Also, I feel generally slowed down on the inside, I am talking slower, and I keep feeling balanced, even when life is speeding up around me. And my heart is now resting on the ground of my being – what a relief!!!

  10. I grew up a shy child and much of that remains with me as an adult, with public speaking often being a difficult ordeal for me. Yesterday, I gave a presentation on Quakers and Integrity in a Quaker workshop, including quoting Philip on radical wholeness. To prepare and during my presentation, I used what I had learned in Philip’s workshop in Santa Fe a couple weeks before, including attending to the breath and speaking from the belly during the presentation. Afterwards, many people commented how deeply moving the presentation was, how clearly I spoke, how much presence and calm I displayed – types of comments I had never heard before when speaking publicly. These workshops do make a difference!

  11. Philip’s workshops are a joy to experience. The pace is never too demanding, but after two days you realise that he has covered a significant amount of ground. He introduces us to a new way of being in the world which left me feeling more integrated and more connected and provided me with a menu of practices to help me sustain a new sense of wholeness.
    I have just completed my second workshop. I gained a lot from my first encounter, but I strongly recommend a second visit to anyone who is seriously interested in his work

  12. I did Philip’s course in Galway recently and it was wonderful. It was my first time so it will take me some time to assimilate all of the new information and exercises, but when I take the time to do them I feel a peace and security that is new and very welcome. Philip’s course is an introduction to living in our bodies and experiencing the world in a new way and I would really recommend it.

  13. Wow! I have just repeated Philip’s workshop in Galway, (thank you for crossing the Atlantic twice!) and feel I now have the grasp of it I need to bring my body and life truly whole, well, and present! For over 30 years I have explored many methods: Alexander work, body work, psychotherapy, inner child work, energy work, and more, to attempt to heal the deep anxiety, disconnection and sense of alienation, energy problems, and lack of grounding and boundaries that have held me back all my life. Although they have all helped greatly and I have got 80% or so there, there was still a missing piece, so that the work did not ever quite take root and hold. Now I know it was the deep connection to the perineum, the ground of our being, that Philip teaches so simply and beautifully. It is going to take work, patient observation and exploration of all the lovely exercises to bring a more permanent change to my being, and I am now greatly excited to begin on this deep practice of connecting to and making the work my own, once the afterglow of the workshop has worn off. It is already changing the work I do with Alexander pupils; it is getting me out of whirling thoughts in my head, so that I stay connected with the world in my daily tasks as I go about them, and also I feel making me a nicer person! Thank you Philip from all my heart for this wonderful work.

  14. I’d been reading Philip’s book for about a year when I heard that he was going to be in Ireland so I got reading again. It’s beautifully written and meets the conundrum of ‘reading about experience’ and ‘thinking about thinking’ with admirable insight and patient attention. A year on has found me quietly finding my way into my pelvis with my breath and feel the book is working it’s subtle magic on my psyche.
    I love the writing, and yet … I was still a little nervous that the workshop might be as wordy as the book. Rest assured it isn’t. It’s about presence. Philip has found myriad ways to help us explore being alive, all the way down to your pelvic floor, experiencing the world as it flows through you. There’s breathwork and movement, exercises in pairs and as a group that are both simple and profound. There were deep internal challenges but no drama and the flow of the work through to the integration phase was quietly satisfying.
    As the workshop progresses you realise that Philip is constantly demonstrating – a practitioner in the true sense. And the idea of practice is important:
    It’s a few weeks now since the workshop and my enthusiasm is strengthened. As others have stated and I hope many more will learn, being able to engage with the perineum, the pelvic brain, is a piece missing from many previous lessons. Until now my head has been getting my body to do things. It’s such a relief to know that my head is part of a team. I work differently, walk differently, and I don’t have to make myself practice – I just have to remember that I want to! I am whole-heartedly recommending the experience when you get the chance.

  15. I recently experienced a week with Philip at Esalan. I appreciate his brilliance and simple ways of bringing our awareness deeper into our bodies. I have practiced and taught Qi Gong for many years and am very familiar with the concepts and importance of becoming more embodied and whole in our awareness and experience. The fresh perspective and practices that Philip teaches are very effective. I highly recommend learning from Philip and opening to the new frontiers of wholeness that he is sharing with abundant passion and experience. Thank you Philip!!!

  16. Catherine Mullaugh

    Coming into Radical Wholeness Workshop in Tucson, this past weekend (Oct 23-25, 2015) I wanted to have “fun with it.” With intention set, I listened & didn’t. Got into my head, melted shadows, awfulizations and dropped, again & again these pearls toward my pelvic bowl. At some point I felt my body awaken to presence, accepting the invitation to drop down into felt wholeness by allowing all the “getting it right(s)” to melt. Allowing wholeness –ever present– every boundary to melt, along with obstacles, shadows, warnings (you can’t do that; who do you think you are) onto the perineum. WHAT, the pelvic floor; “oh my goodness, down there” , Yes, where the embodied present lives, where integration occurs. Breath, Rest, Receptivity, Integration–Surrender happens. So much ‘happens,’ when i’m not in control. Compassion, intimacy, love, cannot be forced. Accepted, Felt, Allowed. Yes. And mirroring Philip was so much fun. Who is that woman? So looking forward to realizing her presence as we play in the sandbox. Thank you for your work Philip and for bringing it into the world.

  17. I wasn’t familiar with Phillip’s work prior to coming to his workshop near Zion Utah. I had been coincidentally traveling around Utah on a solo road trip and a friend mentioned that Phillip would be teaching in southern Utah around the same time I would be traveling through and to check out his website. I did and there was instant resonance with his words. I signed up and hoped it would be worth the 2 days I was taking away from my travels.

    What I experienced has already shifted a way of being in my life that I can clearly see has been limiting my relationships, career and experience of the world. I now know I was divinely led to Phillip’s workshop.

    Prior to this workshop I had done a lot of self help work and some body and energy work to clear blocks but during the workshop I could feel just how much fear and how deep those layers of protection around my body were (particularly around my torso and abdomen/pelvis). Those layers were keeping the world out but were also keeping me from the world. During the workshop I could feel those layers softening and some falling away. Phillip creates a very safe space and his own grounded, soft, gentle, feeling nature hints at what is possible as I continue to practice the exercises. I feel different and already have a strong awareness of whether I am speaking or acting from my head or from my body and the difference is huge. This is going to change everything.

    Phillip’s work is absolutely vital for anyone who lives from their head but desires a deeper, richer, trusting and more felt experience with the world and relationship to themselves. Thank you Phillip Shepherd!

  18. I attended Philip’s Esalen workshop in August 2015 after reading his awesome book, New Self, New World. The 5 days gave time to experience dropping into the body & the present in multiple ways. The workshop was a good mix of support & challenge in a rich, beautiful setting and probably the best workshop I’ve ever taken. The work continues within me and I feel grateful that Philip shares what he’s learned and lives after a life of study, travel and exploration.

  19. Philip’s workshops are masterfully integrative, inclusive, and inspiring. Philip has synthesized and innovated vital teachings sorely needed by the classic and modern yoga and mind-body communities. Both a basic and advanced next step for anyone inhabiting a human body.

  20. Sitting in my Kitchen, gazing out at the trees in my garden, writing, I am drawn back to the weekend and Philips workshop in Dublin. I am a piece of seaweed flowing with the movement of the sea, or a blade of grass bending with the wind, allowed this flow by the strength of the suckers that hold me firm and nourish me or the roots that anchor me and feed me. I still feel the energy that moves and grounds me arriving back in the pelvic bowl allowing me to bend, flexible, responding to the world and forces around me, yielding, not resisting but always returning to the space of connection with myself and the world around me. Conscious of being earthed, in presence. A lovely beginning to develop from. Thank you Philip

  21. “Highly recommend as a gift to oneself, to the world around you. Writing this after resuming my ‘normal’ schedule, life and interactions for a little bit, I am in awe. The ease and peace with which I’ve encountered stressed clients, traffic jams, hurried schedules, friends, family, strangers at the grocery; is with significant and positive difference. I’ve participated in a number of other workshops and practices; none have had such a profound and immediate impact as the Radical Wholeness Workshop. There are no doubts, the simple and easily accessible tools this workshop offers, are available to all and will continue to deepen the peace, ease and appreciation with which to experience life.”
    Jim Curtis, Software Developer – Systems Integration Consultant

  22. Lori Guth Moffett

    This practice has reminded me that I am a powerful and creative human being. I can sharpen my senses by breathing and resting in my being while washing dishes. I appreciate Phillip’s skills as a facilitator that creates safety in the room while building trust, community, and connection to all students.

  23. Kami Dvorakova

    The Radical Wholeness workshop has interestingly shifted my mindfulness and compassion practice into a Grounded sense of Beingness and Lovingness.. The practices of grounding and rooting our awareness into the pelvic bowl has been phenomenal and my whole sense of self seems more balanced, more in touch with the stability that is ALREADY here.. I look forward to deepening this practice in my daily life and when possible, attending the same workshop again! With grounded sensitivity, Thank You Phil!

  24. I have been to lots of workshops and courses in which we talked about the body a lot and felt into the body a little. This workshop finally flipped it – experiencing a lot, talking a little. This is how I want to live. Thank you so much, Philip.

    1. Leslie Haatvedt, PhD

      After years of trying to “Be Here Now”, Philip’s wonderful class, based on his book, New Self-New World, has given me a road map of how to be present and truly feel and enjoy my experiences without worrying. In five very short days I felt that I had discovered a new ground of being and come into a wholeness I had not felt before. I am so grateful to know “This IS enough” . I am humbled by Philip and his ground breaking work. I touch your feet, Philip, and look forward to this adventure.

  25. Go, just go to this vibrant, very unique, profound, intimate and powerful workshop.

    Philip is skilled, sensitive, fun and authentic. He walks the talk. It’s a very hands on workshop, which I love. You practice breathing, receiving, integrating, smiling in places that would surprise you!! You are starting to open up to new possibilities and to connect with yourself in a way you have been probably craving for years! I can’t not recommend it more.

    Can’t wait for the next workshop available in Toronto. I’ll go back!!

  26. It’s hard to put into words, the Magic that is this workshop. I feel so grateful for the accessibility of the exercises, the simple playfulness and the clarity and kindness which emanates from Philip. The tools we’ve learned are continually surprising me, holding new meaning and helping me to land. Thank You

  27. Phillip’s work is all of our work if we want to learn to be more present. (We will also need to do it if we plan to survive as a species.) I am in it for the aliveness, and the resonant attunement with self, others and our world.

  28. I just attended Philip Shepherd’s workshop this past weekend in the Blue Mountains of Australia. I still have no words for what I experienced! I feel whole, centred and yummy. Welcoming every single part and aspect of myself. Such deep, profound work. Being with Philip is such an inspiration. He is the living proof of what is possible. Only breathing, moving, speaking from that place of wholeness. Such reverence. Such intimacy with oneself and other. No division, no separation. Just unity. I highly recommend his workshop!!! Just booked for his intermediate one in Sydney on the 17-18 October 2016. Soooo excited!

  29. For years I have been interested in the work Philip is doing. In September I finally made the time to attend a workshop. Now I am wishing I had gone sooner. For me, the key take aways are the realization that I spend most of my life forgetting to fully be alive; to fully breathe; to move easily. I recommend Philip and his workshop highly. It is a fully interactive workshop with concepts that make so much sense and were felt in my body as we practiced.

  30. Thank you, Philip, for an amazing workshop in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Two days later, as I was flailing around at aqua aerobics attempting to balance on a noodle, I remembered to go to my core and immediately was able to feel centred and accomplish the exercise. Your work is such a gift and I feel excited that it is already changing my life and the way i see the world. Looking forward with excited anticipation to the Intermediate workshop next week in Sydney.

  31. I have just had the ever deepening pleasure of attending Phillips workshop in Randwick Sydney. Intimacy is a word that keeps coming to me. Now hours since I said my goodbye to each participant and Phillip, the point of shared and discovered intimacy experienced in the room lingers on. Phillip is an inspiration and his developed techniques and the level of embodied wisdom he shared was beyond any expectation I arrived with. The workshop of practical exercises are rich in poetic insight, depth of vision and offer a real opportunity to integrate energy and aspects of oneself on this journey toward wholeness. Thank you Phillip and to all the participants.

  32. I first came across Philip Shepherd’s work via a seemingly simple meditation called The Trickle Down. The deeply grounding and self connectedness I experienced from this practice was, literally, sensational. I am so very grateful to have attended his recent Sydney workshop which can only be described as a full surround-sound embodied experience of his life’s work. Over the course of two days, we were taken through a variety of practical and often playful exercises culminating in the experience of being deeply connected with another, by first coming home to our own core being. Learning techniques for developing grounded sensitivity is a pure and magical gift to have received. These, however, are just words. Philip’s work is best felt.

  33. I literally have no words to describe the potency of this work. To me, a good analogy would be that of teaching a kid how to read. Before the child knows how to read she can’t explore novels, biographies, philosophy. A whole new world is made available to her when she learns how to read. Phil’s work is as relevant or potentially more relevant to the human experience then learning “how to read”. Re-membering (putting ourselves back together) in this sensorial way is the foundation to experience. Re-learning how to receive the world in this “new” and expanded way is the pre-cursor for connection, compassion and presence. We, as a culture, have been trying to “become present”, “practice compassion”, “foster connection” and it is just not working. As a result of Philip’s work connection, compassion and presence are awakened naturally and effortlessly in the body. But beware if you do decide to do this workshop – and I hope you will – your experience of reality might never be the same.

  34. Ernest Hemingway said “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellows. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.
    This workshop delivers true nobility.

  35. Trudy and I attended your workshop at Hawkwood and totally loved it. You are such a genuine and congruent man with such a great way of helping others access what will help them live a simpler and calmer life. We have both had dramatic changes resulting from the workshop, I have had radical changes in my pelvis that has dramatically increased the movement and removed the limitations, Trudy had really tight shoulders almost felt like wood and this has soften to allow her so much more movement. This is something she had struggled with for many years and nothing had resolved it. She is already feeling better at work and coping with what she previously saw as a very stressful job. I would highly recommend your talks and workshops to anyone who wants to be more in touch with life.

  36. This is without doubt one of the most effective and immediately applicable workshops I have attended. I learned new approaches to breath work which I am excited to bring to my own work. I learned so much about presence and how to speak with my full being conveyed in my voice. As someone who teaches embodiment, I am thrilled to have been gifted with these experiences of directly experiencing my pelvic intelligence / brain in my gut. I loved the experiential and spacious environment. Philip conveys deep wisdom easily, with a refreshing lack of ego or dogma. Experience it for yourself at your earliest opportunity.

  37. This weekend with Philip was the best, most down-to-earth and personally helpful workshop that I’ve taken part in. It gave me a new lease of life, a life grounded in the pelvis and in the present.
    I’m continuing to practice some of the exercises to help me stay more embodied in the present, rather than getting lost in my head which tends to be all of our default position.
    Dear Philip, I so admire and appreciate your wonderful book (New Self New World) and this workshop that truly brings the book to life. We so badly need this work in our fractured times and I cannot recommend the book and the workshop highly enough.
    Many blessings on your work Philip.

  38. I learned about Philip through the Sun article that my life coach shared with me. Intrigued by that, I did a Google search and found his website. I saw his book and while I would have usually started there, I felt I needed practical ways to get out of my head and his 8 simple but powerful exercises seemed like the best place to start. After experimenting with those, I got to know him better by reading his blog then I found several YouTube videos where where he was either interviewed or where he was speaking. All of that encouraged me to see if there might be a way to work with him. While I could have done the one on one coaching, I found the Boulder workshop and signed up with giddy anticipation. The workshop exceeded my expectations. Philip introduced me to tangible, practical, fun strategies for becoming more attuned with my body and with the world around me. It’s really hard to describe in words how magical and mystical and beautiful if feels to get just a glimpse of what radical wholeness feels like. Thank you Philip

  39. After being aware of Philip’s work through reading New Self, New World (a book that has become a treasured companion on this journey through life), I was delighted to be able to experience his work in person.

    This workshop invited us with open arms into an intimate experience of becoming deeply present within the world, welcoming with it an ever-deepening, visceral experience of wholeness that can be felt passing through the very core of your being.

    It was an experience that was infused with compassion, respect, humour and humility and one that gifted us the nourishment needed to nurture further the seeds of beingness, aliveness and wholeness that were planted, as each moment unfolds ahead.

    The term ‘workshop’ is so lacking in conveying the richness of this weekend; it was an experience of the core of my very Being being felt, experienced and deeply embraced.

  40. after last year’s workshop in salzburg i was just overhelmed by the reaquired sensitivity to my body and the world … this year i added up on groundedness …
    philip’s workshop helps you to encounter the very direct connection to yourself and the world in a very playful as well as meditative way … our culture’s misconceptions and subsequent dissociative patterns are made conscious in an incredibly fluent process. thank you.

  41. I loved it. The concepts in “New Self New World” came alive in the workshop held in Santa Fe in July 2017. Philip challenged life long patterns of being through gentle and effective exercises. This is an active workshop with a balanced amount of discourse, hands-on practice, and time for feedback and questions. We practiced as a group or with a partner, and Philip often moved around to give individual attention. I am grateful for a practice that will help me return to wholeness. Philip is warm, sensitive, and has a great sense of humor. He clearly enjoys this work. I encourage all who are considering to take the workshop.

  42. It’s hard to put it exactly into words and fixed concepts after spending a weekend experiencing your ground of being (which doesn’t need or use words). The workshop and the experience was wonderful and my felt understanding of wholeness has deepened and shifted. Philip is an amazing human and a fantastic facilitator. It is clear that he speaks from his own ground of being and deep experience. This is one of the rare workshops that I believe anyone and everyone could benefit from.

  43. If you’re considering taking the leap of faith and joining Philip in a weekend workshop…there’s a reason for it! Listen to the whole of your being and jump right in – you will not regret it. Thank you Philip for empowering me with the skills and techniques needed to “unlearn” what has kept me from mastering the core of my being and enjoying the Present as I now know it and feel it today. I am forever indebted to your wisdom and kindness.

  44. Carrie Clark-Kenny

    Philip’s workshop offered a wonderful opportunity to explore the experiential reality of contacting, being aware from, and living the experience of the wisdom of the ‘pelvic bowl’ … to practice this, with others, helped me to bring it more easily into the world, as I walk through both the mundane and extraordinary dimensions.

  45. I so appreciated the warm, inviting environment created in the Radical Wholeness workshop to support our personal growth, individually and as a group. And I wholeheartedly thank you, Philip, for being the kind of teacher who is also on the learning journey. You are a role model of living and leading wellbeing, and I am grateful.

  46. Anthony Baynes

    After a deeply awakening and embodying weekend of Radical Wholeness with visiting teacher Phillip Shepherd from Canada who was in Wellington NZ for the first time…I finally understand that wholeness is a moment to moment connection arising from deep inside the breath…from deep down in the body….I’ve learned this ‘ intellectually ‘ before,and to a degree on vipassna meditation retreat,but never felt it as a lived experience quite like I felt it this time! A profound deepening! And the intimacy of true presence with other participants was palpable….Thank you so much Phillip for your powerful presence and teachings…

    1. Philip’s Radical Wholeness Workshop and Retreat that I attended recently in Australia were playful, fresh and intelligent immersions in cultivating, experiencing and living embodied wholeness. The wide range of exercises that Philip shared planted seeds that have continued to grow and enrich wholeness, life, breath, body, belonging, relationships, pelvic awareness, attunement and so much more. Embodying wholeness with every breath, one of Philip’s many gifts is nurturing the group energy which was deeply supportive, generous and compassionate, like Philip himself…the work an exquisite experience of belonging to the greater human and more-than-human community :-). There were so many times when every part of me tingled back to life! One of the most enriching moments for me was experiencing the voice arising from the core of my whole being as life lived itself through me…exhilarating! I feel such gratitude to Philip (and his wife Allyson who is such an integral part of the work) for creating and sharing this offering of such joyful, gentle power. Thank you!

    2. I have just come accross Philip Shepherd in the last month and am fascinated with his wisdom. Would have been an amazing workshop.I also live in New Zealand. Wonder if he is coming back sometime soon.

  47. I have just completed a 2 day workshop led by Philip Shepherd on Radical Wholeness.

    This is all about being an embodied presence in the world by integrating the mind and the gut. One exercise was to take something that I hope for and let the idea of it sink down from the head until it comes to rest on floor of the pelvic bowl, then to notice the quality of the energy experienced there. My hope was Racial Equity; as this idea dropped into my core, I felt an energy I named as joy. So I am wondering how I might show up differently in my work for Racial Equity, letting myself feel joy in the energy of the universe moving us toward wholeness, and taking my part in it.
    Not sure how these words will land. I do not at all want to minimize trauma of systemic racism.

  48. Seems like I´ve found the missing link. Philip´s work makes so much sense on a FELT level .All this “head stuff” has a place to rest now.
    So glad I took that workshop. His teachings need to be out there, we all need it so desperately.
    Don´t hesitate to sign up – you won´t regret it.

  49. Discover the world from a total different perspective – just being in wholeness instead of being in your head. You simply will know what feels right or wrong, just embed a little practise to your daily routine! I recommend everyone to connect to this beautiful one-of-a-kind experience!

  50. I am so grateful to have been present for the magical unfolding of Philips incredible workshop. I have struggled with living in my head and life has often seemed so hard. At the workshop, for the first time in so long, maybe ever, I felt that life can be simple and full of pleasure. And that this is always available to us once we have touched that place inside of ourselves. Philip is so inspiring, he helps us find the wellspring of embodied pleasure that is always just below the minds chatty radar. He brings us into now. I felt I lived more during those two days than I have during years of my life. Thank you so much Philip and Allyson! <3

  51. Hope Van der Wolk

    When I signed up for Philip’s workshop I really didn’t know what I was signing up for. I had read the flyer and spent a few minutes on the website. I am interested in embodiment and the information on the website felt sound, so I signed up. WOW! I feel it’s turned my world upside down in the best possible of ways! I am so grateful for having found this work. I believe this new way of being in my body and in the world is what I have been craving. I am so thankful to Philip for blazing this trail forward, or down! It is one that I will joyfully travel and I encourage you to as well!

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