Our task as humans

I don’t think we ever solve the larger issues of our lives – nor do I think that is our task on this earth.  The most valuable work we do – opening the heart, celebrating the present with our devoted attention to it, expressing our love in action, answering the world as it summons our help – none of this valuable work actually solves anything, really.  What it does, rather, is to heal our disconnections – our scar tissue against the world – in order that our entire being might attune to its living mystery; for that attunement, when it happens, nourishes both being and world.  Life wounds us, often when we least expect it, and scar tissue builds up – but the heartaches that ensue are at the same time revelations of our deepest loves: our love of life; our love of shared moments with others; our love of the sky and the green, green earth.  It is only love that makes heartache possible; heartache in its way is a resounding and unforgettable affirmation of our love.  In this way, it might ultimately serve as our deepest attunement.

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    1. Thanks for this, Paul. I might also say that the line between heartache and beauty is minutely thin. I always feel the tug of heartache in the presence of lucid beauty.

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