Come home to your body and celebrate your fullest potential


We live in our heads, distracted by its chattering and divided from our deepest intelligence. The body processes a billion times more information that we can be conscious of. Uniting with that intelligence is what enables you to be present. It's what enables you to remain in a state of flow. The TEPP online courses use the Kajabi app, and provide a step-by-step journey that empowers you to land in the body and thrive in the present.

Recalibrating the Self

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TEPP helps you reclaim the neglected terrain of the body's intelligence so that your day-to-day living can be grounded in its calm, wakeful presence. This course is the most potent three-week entry to that terrain we could devise.

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Monthly Community Membership

First month FREE, then $20/month USD

The TEPP membership is designed for those who appreciate both the value and the challenge of discovering a more grounded, centred, connected life for themselves. Supported by original practices, videos, Zoom calls and journaling prompts, all within a community context, it provides you the consistent, ongoing support that is needed to forge the real and enduring change that TEPP offers.