Mystery, Serendipity, and Re-enchantment

In a way the sentiment expressed above lies at the heart of my book and my work, both of which are driven by a deep desire – a love, a passion – for being fully present to the reality of the world. Which means coming fully into relationship with it. Which means coming into relationship with its wholeness. Now, that’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario – because you can’t feel the world’s wholeness until you feel your own fully embodied, atavistic, sensational wholeness; but you can only discover your wholeness through your relationships to the world. Along the way, though, as your sense of wholeness attunes, you realize that it can only fly true when it is alert to the mystery that underpins all of the world’s particulars. That mystery points to and holds and illuminates the whole. And far from being remote or in some ‘higher’ dimension, the mystery is ready to be felt, here and now. It is as close as the beating of your heart.

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