Interview with Ilan Stephani

This is the third recorded conversation I've had with Ilan Stephani. It begins with a question: there is a growing awareness of the crucial importance of embodiment in our lives, and at the same time there is a huge resistance to it. What is the nature of that resistance, and the reasons for it? The conversation is launched! Fasten your seatbelts as it careens through hidden recesses of our culture and our beings, bringing light and expression to issues that matter deeply to both of us – and hopefully to you too.

8 thoughts on “Interview with Ilan Stephani”

  1. Oh the answer to the question is easy ‘we run from embodiment because of fear WE ARE AFRAID OF ‘LOVE’ its always simple when you leave enough of the baggage behind, we’re here to wake up, but don’t forget that awakening keeps expanding and expanding where the ‘real’ you gets to come back in * moving through the fear levels, the veils of separation/segregation

    1. The reason for pain/suffering/disease is because the ‘real’ you are not in your body, some one or something else is, you are missing, as a child growing up when we feel threatened we learn to leave out body for protection, and other energies are allowed to move in, it happen by default, which leaves us scattered, displaced, fragmented etc. and we learn to live outside our physical bodies * But here now we are going back home in the physical, not necessarily waiting to get sick and die then go back home * practicing feeling our presence and taking a breath slowly in and then slowly out and really feel feel feel the expansion * humanity battle is not ‘out there’ its with the egoic structures and the heart/love/light *

  2. hey I’m on a roll, my friend Stephen sent me this email, so I had fun hope that you did too * I made it to the end and much healing ‘great job’ nice to meet you make sure to have fun with what we call ‘pain’ its only a sensation and the cause probably is a sensational experience that we had * after all if we judge/make pain a bad thing then why are we so eager to go to the dentist, or the doctor who might very well put us under the knife and then we get to experience more of the pain body * but serious the human language is soooo contaminated with words its a wonder that we can even communicate at all up to this point * have fun moving back to unlearning everything you ever thought was the truth of all that is and moving up and out of all the belief’s, can’t you feel the freedom underneath that word * lots of love Namaste’ dear friend

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