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Below are some recent interviews. Enjoy!

Lively interview with Simon Paul Sutton

Talking with Simon Paul Sutton is always a glorious adventure. Hope you enjoy this romp together as we explore themes dear to both of our hearts. Back to Interviews

Spirit Matters Podcast

I had a fun and probing conversation with Philip Goldberg and Dennis Ralmondi on their Spirit Matters podcast. They bring an unusual depth of experience, learning and curiosity to their interviews, and I had a great time with them. Give it a listen – I think you’ll enjoy it too! Back to Interviews

Rediscovering Radical Wholeness

I had a really lively conversation with author and lifestyle coach Howard Jacobson, who deeply understands my work and writes eloquently about it. I thoroughly enjoyed the give and take of our talk, and think you might too. You can give it a listen on the link below. Back to Resources
philip shepherd hero's journey essential conversations

Hero’s Journey – Essential Conversations

I was revisiting this interview I had with Michael Mervosh, founder of The Hero’s Journey Foundation. Given the extent to which Jospeh Campbell’s work on the mythological hero and tyrant has informed my own, it’s not surprising that we delve so deeply (and enjoyably) into all manner of subjects. Hope you’re able to give it a listen! Back to Interviews

Wholeness and Separation

I had such a fabulous time speaking with Mark Walsh of the Embodied Facilitator. Hope you enjoy this! Back to Interviews

Andrew Harvey interviews Philip

Andrew Harvey and Philip Shepherd in a wide-ranging conversation that touches on embodiment, spirituality, theatre and the joys and challenges of living in our times. Andrew Harvey is a world-renowned author, religious scholar and teacher, and is the Founder and Director of The Institute of Sacred Activism. **Apologies – for 6 minutes in the middle of this we lost the picture. But the audio is continuous! Back to Interviews

Interview on Mindfulness Mode Podcast Back to Interviews

Interview on The Autoimmune Hour

Interview with Seeds of Awareness

Interview with Matt and Steph from Seeds of Awareness in Byron Bay, Australia.