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Below are some recent interviews. Enjoy!

Interview with Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is a mentor, a mystic warrior and a fiercely articulate of our times. He’s also a lot of fun. Talking with him is like being on a laser-guided excursion that illuminates the paradox and madness and shining hopes of our era. Please join us on this wonderful adventure!

Interview with Ilan Stephani

This is the third recorded conversation I’ve had with Ilan Stephani. It begins with a question: there is a growing awareness of the crucial importance of embodiment in our lives, and at the same time there is a huge resistance to it. What is the nature of that resistance, and the reasons for it? The conversation is launched! Fasten your seatbelts as it careens through hidden recesses of our culture and our beings, bringing light and expression to issues that matter deeply to both of us – and hopefully to you too.

Interview with Ilan Stephani

What could be more fun than diving into some question with Ilan Stephani? In this conversation, we seek to identify whether there is some deep issue that is the source of the major problems that humanity has generated, from species extinction to the acidification of the oceans to soil degradation and beyond. Is there some wound within us that must heal if we are to come back into harmony with the coursing life of our home, the earth?

Interview with Ilan Stephani

I first met Ilan Stephani on a panel discussion for The Embodiment Conference, and was blown away by her. She brought to the discussion a deeply informed honesty that, combined with her unfettered spontaneity, proved utterly refreshing. So I approached her to see if we might exchange passions and points of view in a recorded discussion. This is the result, and we’re seeing it as the first in a series of discussions. Hope you enjoy it! And we’d love your feedback.

Things Worth Considering

I really enjoyed being interviewed on the show “Things Worth Considering”. Hosts Gord Riddell and Alexia Gerogousis are both members of the Transformational Arts College and that afforded our conversation a particularly resonant depth. I hope you’ll consider giving it a listen!

Interview with Satyen Raja from Warrior Sage

I loved my conversation with Satyen Raja, co-founder of Warrior Sage. I hope you will enjoy it too!

An Interview with Ian Lobas

What I loved about this interview with Ian Lobas is his commitment to digging into my work in a way that would most directly and practically benefit his audience. Well, I also loved just talking with him – for his honesty, curiosity and humour. Hope you enjoy it! You can listen here or on Ian’s site.

Surrendering to the Wisdom of Your Body

Ian MacKenzie is a deeply inquiring, paradigm shifting writer, speaker, filmmaker and facilitator who also runs a podcast called the Mythic Masculine. He interviewed me for it recently, and together we delved into subjects and issues dear to my heart. I loved this conversation and hope you’ll have a chance to join us for a listen.

Tracking Yes: An interview with Liz Wiltzen

I had a fabulous romp with Liz Wiltzen on her podcast “Tracking Yes: A Guide to Everyday Magic”. We had so much fun that we’re going to do it again, but in the meantime you can listen to Part 1 at

Conversation with Retake our Democracy

Paul Gibson is the director of a vital, grass-roots organization called Retake Our Democracy. It’s bringing crucial questions and information forward in ways that are designed to activate our engagement. He and I had a wide-ranging, lively, rich conversation, which I hope you enjoy! Back to Interviews