Keynote Talks

with Philip Shepherd

A Journey to Wholeness

"The real adventure consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes.”  – Proust

Philip Shepherd proposes a bold thesis with his new book Radical Wholenessas a culture—and so too as individuals—we have become whole-blind. This is the core of a disorder that fragments our lives and is unravelling the ecosystems on which we depend. When we struggle to feel the wholeness of the self or of the present, we can only operate in a world of bits and pieces – and that affects everything we see and do. We feel anxious and disconnected from reality, because its nature is inseparable from its wholeness: to be desensitized to wholeness is to be desensitized to reality. In this wide-ranging talk, Philip brings to life the different world we could create by remembering the wholeness in which we abide. More crucially, he provides practical ways to help you do that, and newly discover the body, the present, and the resonance of your personal life.

Philip is the author of Radical Wholeness, New Self, New World, and the creator of The Embodied Present Process (TEPP). He also teaches workshops internationally.

Philip is available to give keynote and conference speeches.