Intro to TEPP

The Embodied Present Process provides both the questions and practices you need to escape the disconnected limbo of living in your head, in order to find your way home to the ground, alert intelligence of your body. TEPP is about learning to override the programming of our culture’s message that the head should be in charge, so that you can forge for yourself a new, more alive, more easeful way of being.

Intro to TEPP lays the foundation for that work. It sheds light on assumptions that act as barriers to our wholeness, and guides you through a series of practices that gently and cumulatively re-sensitize the body’s intelligence, awakening it to the present. If you cannot live in the present, you will suffer the anxieties and restlessness of disconnection – because ultimately the present is all there is.

What happens when you join the present through your body?

FIND RELIEF from the habit of judging others and begin to respond from your wholeness.

REDUCE ANXIETY and discover more ease in the world.

LOWER STRESS so you can meet your challenges from a place of calm.

QUIET THE THOUGHTS of the head so you can settle into the present.

OPEN YOUR LIFE to the vast wisdom of your body.

FEEL THE BODY'S ALIVENESS to the world and its natural responsiveness.

LEARN TO BE MORE GENTLE with yourself and others.

DEEPEN INTO YOURSELF so you can deepen your relationships.

The Intro to TEPP Course Includes:

Course Content ($197 value)

4 Frameworks and 7 Embodied Meditations

  • FRAMEWORK 1: WHOLENESS: Learn what your wholeness is and how to feel it (7.33)
  • FRAMEWORK 2: PELVIC BRAIN  Understanding the Intelligence of your Foundational Brain (5.52)
  • FRAMEWORK 3:  PRESENCE vs PRESENTATION MODE  Learn how to live your life in a way that's present (4.49)
  • FRAMEWORK 4: YOUR EXPERIENCE OF REALITY Learn how to be in relationship to the world  (4.57)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 1: KNOWLEDGE vs SELF KNOWLEDGE  Learn how to integrate energy in the body (15.05)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 2: SELF KNOWLEDGE  Begin to unravel the construct of the known self (16.35)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 3: CONFIDENCE  Discover the difference between the arrogance of the head and the body (19.19)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 4: BEING PRESENT  Our culture hinders our ability to be present (18:13)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 5: ANXIETY Understanding anxiety and finding your harmony (14.27)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 6:  FINDING CLARITY  Clarity is one of the traits that most allows us to connect deeply with our lives (14.50)
  • EMBODIED MEDITATION 7: THE CHALLENGE OF MAKING DECISIONS We have been taught the brain in the head is the almighty judge of what should and shouldn't happen (11:25)
    (Value $197)
Live group call ($100 value)

Invitation to a Group Call

Join TEPP community members on a one-hour live call. You will experience a guided embodied meditation led by Philip and have the opportunity to ask him any questions about The Embodied Present Process.

Bonus ($50 value)

Pelvic Floor Breath Video

This 15 minute video serves as a foundation for all the practices in the TEPP online courses.


"Brings me to a deep felt sense of life... thank you."

 – Barbara Janine Griffin, participant

What makes TEPP different?

  • TEPP uniquely recognizes the cultural patterns that inhibit our responsiveness to the world, and helps us past them.

  • TEPP places the body’s intelligence front and center. Most modalities, without realizing it, are top-down.

  • TEPP shows you specifically how to land in the body.

  • TEPP guides you from self-consciousness to world-consciousness.

  • The practices of TEPP can be brought into your daily life – they don't require a separate, dedicated time or space.


About Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. His unique techniques have been developed to transform our disconnected experience of self and world, and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated books, New Self, New World (2010), Radical Wholeness (2017) and Deep Fitness (2021), which he co-authored with Andrei YakovenkoPhilip leads workshops around the world, creating a network of people practicing embodiment. Many of his exercises have been transformed into Embodied Meditations that are enjoyed by a global community.