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Reclaim the Lost Art of Wholeness for a Fully Embodied Life

March 15 - April 19

We all want to live the best life possible, and over the years we strive to sort out what that means. How do we bring the clarity of purpose to our lives? How do we find our true path forward? But you may have found, frustratingly, that your personal path often behaves like a trickster – just when you feel you’ve found it, it tends to slip out of sight again, leaving you once more with a feeling of muddled disconnection.

What I’ve discovered is that the source of that frustration doesn’t lie in any personal failing. It traces back to what we’ve been taught by our culture. Our culture feels normal to us – it’s provided the background we’ve grown up with. But at its core it is deeply committed to disconnection. It encourages us to disconnect from our bodies, our neighbours, from nature itself. And the strategy for success it offers us is one that systematically alienates us from our personal truth. It’s as though we were trying to find our way to the Eiffel Tower, but we’ve been handed a map of New York City. Try as we might, we seem to go in circles.

If we are to experience the joy of discovering the work we were born to do – if we are to help ourselves and others make the transformational shift we are all being called to undertake – we need to go back to basics. That is, we need to step back from the messaging of our culture, see what it is telling us, and free ourselves of its blinkers. Until that happens, we will remain guided by it without even being aware of its influence.

Getting back to those basics is exactly where my upcoming course starts, and I hope you can join me for it. Every culture expresses a story of what it means to be human, and I’ll explain to you how the story our culture communicates – the story you likely absorbed before you were old enough to question it – assures us that to fulfill your potential you need to master yourself and take charge of your life. If you can do that, the story goes, you’ll win. The confounding flaw in that strategy is that if you master yourself, then your self will be mastered: subdued, made to obey, made to conform. To master yourself is at the same time to enslave yourself. It is a strategy that locks us in self-conflict and binds us in the stress of self-consciousness.

Once you see how that story lives in your language, values and strategies, you gain choice where there was none before. That’s the breakthrough that makes all the difference: once you see the box clearly, you can choose to step out of it.

In our culture the box that holds us is the head. It is the master that drives us, subduing the body and overriding its subtle attunement to our world. Living in the head flatters us by making us feel we are in charge. It objectifies the body and the world, and encourages us to dominate them both. It goads us to believe we can out-think our problems and life itself. The instruction manual our culture provides informs us that the head should be in charge; that the head is where all our thinking happens; that the brain is the true self and the body is its device for getting around.

Each of those assertions is dangerously inaccurate. In fact, the body processes over a billion times more information than we can be conscious of.

In this course I’ll help you connect with your deeper intelligence and so you can begin to experience how it can effortlessly orient you to the world.

I’ll help you experience how it feels to step out of your head and into the rich flow and harmony of the life around you.

I’ll share with you the skills, practices and insights that will enable you to once again reunite the intelligence of your head with the fathomless, subtly attuned intelligence of your body.

I’ll help you experience what it means to feel the wholeness of your life and the grace of your path forward.

I’ll guide you into the aliveness of your being and the borderless embrace of the present, where you’ll experience the intimacy of your relationships with everything around you.

This seven-part journey puts the emphasis on the “how”. The “what” is familiar enough: we all strive to be present, grounded, centered, spontaneous and true to our path. Once you understand the “how”, though, you can take practical, simple steps to heal your relationship with your body – and through the body come into renewed connection with the whole of your life.

I hope you’ll consider joining me. To learn more about the course please click here.


March 15
April 19
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