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Zoom The Body and Beyond Residential Workshop: Devon, UK - The Embodied Present Process

The Body and Beyond Residential Workshop: Devon, UK


30 May - 1 June, 2023

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The gift of embodiment grounds your life in a deeper intelligence – one that enables you to attune to the life of the world around you. But the body’s exquisite sensitivity to that life has been dulled by a culture that trains us to live in our heads.

This internationally acclaimed workshop helps you gently recognise within yourself the learned patterns that distract you from your body, and shows you how to soften beyond them. By deepening into your body, you come home not just to your life, but to a sensitivity that opens you to the subtle harmonies of all life. And at the close of the workshop you will carry with you a set of unique, effective practices and skills to serve you for a lifetime.

Join Philip Shepherd in a wonderful and intimate setting in Devon as together we open to the intelligence of our body, going beyond our perceptions of its boundary, to remember and be guided by the subtle forces of nature and intelligence of all life.

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The Body and Beyond Residential Workshop: Devon, UK

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