Han Dang (Director, WEWorld Network Leadership Circle Toronto)

On behalf of the women from WEWorld Network Leadership Circle and myself, I would like to thank Allyson for facilitating a beautiful workshop on Vulnerability and Breath. Allyson guided us on breathing practices that allowed us to develop greater awareness between the empowerment of our body and conscious mind. We …

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JP Beaudoin, Ontario

Allyson’s personal coaching sessions have been among the best decisions I have EVER made for – both – my career and personal life. 

Shelley H, Ontario

I have deep confidence in recommending Allyson’s sensitive and sharp coaching services to anyone, from teen to mature adult.

B B, Ontario

Not only did our sessions put a fire under my ass, but it forced me to look at and think about the underlying reasons why I sabotage myself and don’t feel that I am worthy of success. 

Anita, Ontario

Allyson is an insightful coach. I found her sessions inspiring and they helped me gain a deeper self awareness with a goal to work towards in between each session that made me accountable. 

Kathleen, Toronto

 A single coaching session with Allyson got me going on two life changes I’d been putting off for ages. Work with this woman – she’s got the goods!

Jane, Toronto

Allyson is calm and thoughtful, and creates a safe environment, all while leading you on a journey of deep self reflection.

Charlotte, Toronto

I was stuck in a dilemma that was “charged” for me, and Allyson’s insightful and compassionate probing and listening really made the difference. The charge dissipated and I was able to put myself into action with awareness and generosity.