Our task as humans

I don’t think we ever solve the larger issues of our lives – nor do I think that is our task on this earth.  The most valuable work we do – opening the heart, celebrating the present with our devoted attention to it, expressing our love in action, answering the …

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The workshop unfolds with such a gentle force and depth, moving us out of our heads and into our pelvis — that, stepping back now, I see how we all deepened into our selves and, as a result, the group deepened — in its connection, in its sense of safety …

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Immeasurably valuable.  Thank you – you teach with a respect for where the student is at as well as a curiosity and support for where we might go.  More than that you teach us to give that to ourselves.   – Soraya


Was able to feel my body again after a few years of feeling like a stranger in my own body. – Ellen


Philip Shepherd’s work fits squarely in with the work of visionaries such as Rolf, Murphy, Siegel, Roth, Kabat-Zinn and others; those unique creatures who can see (and teach) ways to liberate the vast, untapped human potential to live better, love more, sustain happiness, and do good things in the world …

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I am carrying far less stress and have more energy. This workshop is sure to have an ongoing effect on my life. Rev. David Inglis, Senior Pastor, Henrietta United Church of Christ, Henrietta NY


This work is like an initiation into a vast field of possibility for being fully nourished from within, receptive to all life. Gennie Brukner, Authentic Movement Coach, Toronto ON