Sprinting through airports

In the last weeks before the Omicron virus started shutting things down, Philip and I toured five workshops in three countries in Europe and started a Facilitators training . It was our first live teaching experience since our return from Melbourne back in March 2020. It felt risky, crazy and …

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Where Language and Embodiment Come Together

Philip was asked a question in our TEPP membership group about the intersection of embodiment and language. This is his response. We thought you’d enjoy it!


Listen to Philip reading this piece: Embodied Present · Covid Is Us by Philip Shepherd As the economic engines that propel civilization have reluctantly, suddenly, astonishingly been brought almost to a standstill, we find ourselves at a strange crossroads. This will all end, but when it does how will we …

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On Being

I write and speak about ‘being’ with considerable frequency. Sometimes I refer to “my being”, or to “your being” or just to “being” itself. In all my writing, though, I’ve never directly answered the question, “What is Being?” Martin Heidegger wrote a book that is 610 pages long to address …

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Quieting the Mind

People talk a lot about needing to “quiet the mind”, and I get it, but I’ve just got a really different take on it. When people talk about “the mind” like that, they are referring to the chattering in the head. To me, ‘mind’ is something else: as I experience …

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Being and breathing

The last time I offered a Whole Body Breath workshop, Philip nearly broke his leg. Really. I was offering the workshop in our house and he had gone to play tennis nearby. When the game was over he hopped on his bicycle to ride off to a meeting. That’s when …

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