Books by Philip Shepherd

All three books are distributed by Penguin Random House and are available through your local bookseller as well as on many online bookstores.


Deep Fitness

The popular recommendations for what it takes to get fit lag about fifty years behind the research. Co-authored with Andrei Yakovenko, this book brings you up to date on the science, and shows you how to maximize your fitness in just half an hour, once or twice a week.


Radical Wholeness

There are qualities we all yearn to experience in our lives—peace, simplicity, grace, connection, clarity. Yet these qualities evade us because each of them arises from an experience of wholeness, and we live in a culture that enforces divisions within us all.

Cover image of the book New Self New World by Philip Shepherd

New Self, New World

New Self, New World challenges the primary story of what it means to be human, the random and materialistic lifestyle that author Philip Shepherd calls our "shattered reality". This reality encourages us to live in our heads, self-absorbed in our own anxieties.