Allyson Woodrooffe

Sprinting through airports

In the last weeks before the Omicron virus started shutting things down, Philip and I toured five workshops in three countries in Europe and started a Facilitators training . It was our first live teaching experience since our return from Melbourne back in March 2020. It felt risky, crazy and …

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Being and breathing

The last time I offered a Whole Body Breath workshop, Philip nearly broke his leg. Really. I was offering the workshop in our house and he had gone to play tennis nearby. When the game was over he hopped on his bicycle to ride off to a meeting. That’s when …

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There’s a popular YouTube video (see below) of a baby named Piper squirming as her parents fit her first pair of glasses onto her face. Initially struggling, she settles, and Piper’s head swivels back and forth between her off-screen mother and father, mouth gaping in sweet and silent surprise. Watching …

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blurry sky and lights

Because it scares the shit out of me

In June 2016 I had the good fortune to be at a retreat centre in California, perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific. Early one morning I dragged myself out of bed to “Morning Dance Awake”.

person carrying a canoe in northern canada

Why, in the Body

Our heads sit atop these magnificent bodies. And we think that we do all our thinking high up in the cranium. But what I’m tuning into more and more (and what neuroscience is discovering and what my partner Philip writes and teaches about) is the degree to which knowledge and …

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Shadow of Allyson with Sadie lying on a deck

Han Dang (Director, WEWorld Network Leadership Circle Toronto)

On behalf of the women from WEWorld Network Leadership Circle and myself, I would like to thank Allyson for facilitating a beautiful workshop on Vulnerability and Breath. Allyson guided us on breathing practices that allowed us to develop greater awareness between the empowerment of our body and conscious mind. We …

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I need to stop…

That little thought drifted up in my mind this morning. “I need to stop…” And I contracted a little bit. As I thought the thought, I stopped in my thoughtful tracks and wondered how many times a day a sneaky little voice like that informs my psyche of things I …

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