You only have one life.
Let it be embodied.

Original practices to help you overcome the effects of our disembodied culture.

With over 40 years of experience, TEPP co-director Philip Shepherd is a leader in the global embodiment movement.

The practices of TEPP are as numerous and varied as are the ways in which our culture dulls us to wholeness.

"The world needs a shift in consciousness and the work of Philip Shepherd is a practical way of getting there." – Gudrun Alles

The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP) doesn't conform to the assumptions of our culture – it challenges them.

Because you cannot find your way back to embodiment – back to an experience of your wholeness – if you are relying on the thinking and metaphors of a disembodied culture.

TEPP is the compass that orients
your journey to wholeness


If you are looking for three easy steps to solve life’s problems, TEPP isn’t for you. But if you are looking to journey back to your body's intelligence, to reconnect with reality in a way that brings ease and fulfillment to your life – well, that’s exactly what TEPP is offering. Discover The Embodied Present Process for yourself.

Everyone learns in their own way, and TEPP offers a variety of approaches through which its practices and paradigm-shifting insights can be experienced.


– Andrew Harvey

"Philip’s work is depthful, hopeful, and accessible. And it is utterly essential, in these weary times. It’s hard to imagine how we will save our species without it.”

– Jeff Brown, author of "Grounded Spirituality"

Re-uniting with your body's way of knowing is a life-changing adventure. TEPP offers two online experiences to get you started, and both feature live zoom calls with Philip. One is a three-week course, and the other is a monthly membership. Explore these online options here.

TEPP offers workshops where you can receive training in person, and they range in length from one to five days. We also offer year-long Facilitators Trainings that include three five-day retreats and weekly zoom calls.

Philip has written two books that are foundational to TEPP: Radical Wholeness and New Self, New World. Both are available in print and as audio books.

Once you've taken a Radical Wholeness workshop and begun your journey to wholeness, you might be ready for the year-long Facilitators Training – a process of deep experiential learning within a supportive community.

Beyond all that, there is a wealth of resources on this website to explore: interviews with Philip, blog posts on different subjects, and articles – among which is the Embodiment Manifesto.

A Selection of Interviews